Google filters itself as spam. Haha!

I recently signed up for this service called Google Alerts, which sends me the latest results of my specified search terms.

I’ve set it up so I get an e-mail when a site links to It’s not 100% because I know some sites linked to me recently and I didn’t get an alert. But that’s alright because it’s just for fun.

Well, this morning, I went digging into my Gmail spam folder to find errant e-mails. Once in a while, legit e-mails get caught by the spam filter and that’s when you tell your friends to be more personable and stop writing like spam bots.

And this is what I saw in my spam folder.

[Spam folder]

See the Google Alerts e-mail in there? Hahaha! Google filters itself as spam! Hahaha! Great wtf moment here.

But I guess we can also take that as a sign of Google’s professionalism and credibility. Still funny, though.

Side note: Check out the link on top of the spam folder.

French Fry Spam Casserole! ROFL. One of the funnier instances of targeted marketing. I wonder what this guy will think if he knows that his ads are appearing in someone’s spam folder which is filled with disgusting junk selling services of a questionable nature.

I wish men would stop buying these online services to lengthen themselves or whatever. You are the cause of the endless flood of spam we’re getting every day!!! YOU don’t get your e-mail folder spammed by retailers selling you boob jobs and anti-aging facial creams or whatever, so I don’t see why I have to get spammed by rubbish websites trying to sell me lengthening meat-increasing gizmos which I don’t need!!!

Yes. I blame the consumers, not the retailers.

It gives me an indication of the number of desperate men out there.

Please, stop.

I’ve veered off topic but, actually, I have no particular topic. It’s a Sunday! And I’m going to play Rock Band later! =)

Have a great whatever’s left of your Sunday!