We want Wii! Sell your PS3!

First of all, repeat after me: Nintendo Wii is cool! And fun! And very cool!

Next, absorb this: Sony PlayStation 3 is kinda cool, too, I’ll give you that, but PlayStation is also passé.

So what do you do when your goon partner (affectionately known as The Goonfather) goes and buys a PS3 instead of a Wii?

You protest, that’s what.

So, I made a video protest.

I had fun making my first video, and I figure I need to work on the old “video presence”. That first video didn’t seem to have made much of an impression on the people I was trying to impress. No calls.

No biggie.

I just try again. That’s what I do best. Try try try until I die, but, like, I make slow progress. This new video doesn’t seem to have any more charisma than the last one did.

But, never mind, this is a video protest and I’m not, like, sending it for competitions.

You know, you should get a Wii, too, even if you’re not a gamer, because the Wii is revolutionising the gaming world. Everyone, from very young people to very old people, is enjoying it. Not only is it fun and games, it also doubles as a gym workout machine. Yeah, cool, huh?

I don’t know what the Goonfather was thinking, getting a PS3. He is such a Sony fanboi. He already has a PS1, a PS2 and a PSP. What does he need a PS3 for? Pffft.

Okay, enough of ranting. Go watch my video and petition in my comments for dear Goonfather to pawn his PS3 and buy a Wii! Now!