Sheylara + Flattery = Vanity

People perceive me as stuck up when they first meet me.

I think I give out that vibe because of my shyness and because I’m always lost in thoughts, in my own world.

(I can’t really help it. The thoughts come unbidden and I’m suddenly drawn into another reality in my mind.)


Other than that, I couldn’t be sure what people think of me, so I decided to ask.

I sent out messages through various social media channels asking people to tell me what their perceptions of me were. I received a huge load of replies from various categories of people.

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Twitter helped find missing dog

I was planning to write about this but Nanny Wen just wrote such a great post about it that I’ve decided to link it.

The gist of it is that her dog Scruffy went missing.


After four worrying days of searching, both physically and through social media, Scruffy was finally found. And Twitter was the primary tool that helped.

Read the full story here.

I take a personal interest in this because Scruffy used to be the Goonfather’s dog. He then became my dog by default when I got together with the Goonfather.

Scruffy and the Goonfather

A few years back, we moved to a landed home near Nanny Wen and she would come hang out with us a lot. She would bring him home and take care of him during the times we were away. Or just for fun.

That was how she got her nick, Nanny Wen, by the way.

We realised that Scruffy was a lot happier with her. What happened was that Scruffy was miserable in our new home. We had a new parental rule dictating that he had to stay outside the house, in the garden, at all times.


Being an attention-seeking dog, he needs to be around people 24/7. Every night, from our bedroom, the Goonfather and I could hear Scruffy howling mournfully and my heart would break.

So we decided to let Scruffy stay with Nanny Wen for good. Her family also loved Scruffy, so it was a great solution. And since we lived so nearby, we could see him any time we wanted.

And then we moved house again but Scruffy stayed, so he officially became Nanny Wen’s dog and they lived happily ever after!

Scruffy and Nanny Wen

I’m so glad he’s found.

I hate Facebook’s Super Wall and FunWall

If you’re not a Facebook user, God bless your merry little soul (pretending that God exists) and please be off on your merry way before you get sucked into the muddy whirpool of senselessness.

Because, today, I am on a crusade to knock some sense into Facebook users who have Super Wall or FunWall or both (duh, people!) installed in their Facebook accounts.

Because — brace yourself now for the revelation of the century — neither of the walls are even remotely super or fun.

Oooooh… noooo! You don’t say!

Honestly, they’re horrendous misuses of Internet real estate. I cannot understand why people don’t see it.

There is nothing super or fun about:

  1. Junk mail, chain letters and forwarded rubbish.
  2. Having multiple copies of the same rubbish on your profile.
  3. Allowing people to advertise their services for free on your profile.

Do you see it?

Ok, see this.

Here’s a screenshot of a random Super Wall on a random person’s Facebook profile.



Do you see now how asinine it is?

Why should anyone give a shit about the travels of Mortimer the travelling bear? Let him buy his own damn plane tickets, man. And I don’t see him “dissapearding” as promised because I’m seeing him on every single Super Wall (and even FunWall).

I’m even seeing multiple copies of him on each wall. Come on, people, don’t you see? He’s not a travelling bear. He’s a photocopying bear!

Okay, now, let’s check out a random FunWall.



What is the matter with people?

Don’t you ever get annoyed having to scroll down endlessly just to try to see at least something that’s of interest?? Why would you want such junk on your Facebook profile? I really don’t get it.

who has a crush on u?…

man this is creepy its called mind reader. send this to every1 on ur list and then press F8 and ur crushes name will appear on ur screen**


I dearly want to examine the minds of people who read this and think, “Oh, wow! I’m gonna try this now!”

“Hey! It doesn’t work! How fun! I think my friends will love it! I’m going to forward this to everyone because I had so much fun trying it out and seeing it not working!”

Strangle me with a wet rag.

People who install either or both walls, why? How does it enrich your life to have repeated copies of spam on your Facebook profile? How does it enrich the life of friends who are visiting your Facebook profile?

I mean, what benefit does it give?

Does it impress the girls (or the boys) who are viewing your profile? No.

Does it make you more intelligent? No.

Does it save a starving child in Ethiopia? No.

Does it make your Facebook profile look like a landmine about to go off? Yes.

People who forward forwards to other people’s walls, why? Do you think your friend reads/watches them? Will your friend love you for sending them? Do you even realise that the “friend” you’re sending this chain letter to already has three of the exact same chain letter on his wall?

People who create those damned rubbish forwards, especially chain letters, WHY? Chain letters are so last millennium. You’re not going to get a Nobel prize for it and it’s not going to make people worship you and kiss your feet because they passed on your stupid chain letter to 50 people in their address book and, as a result, miraculously solved all their life problems and won a date with Angelina Jolie.


The applications are not bad, per se. But people misusing them is bad.

I installed both when I first signed up with Facebook because I thought it was pretty cool being able to draw pictures and post videos on someone else’s profile. One could get really creative and have some fun with it.

But I believe in doing things in a sincere and personal way. If not, there is no point in doing anything, is there? Why waste time doing things just for the sake of doing things? So I drew pictures myself and typed nice, personal messages to brighten a friend’s day.

But I never got anything like that on my walls in return. All I got were impersonal forwards from people who received forwards themselves and decided to send it on to everyone else on their friends list.

I deleted both walls because it wasn’t adding discernable value to my Facebook profile.

I know I can stop visiting people’s profiles or even stop visiting Facebook altogether if the walls bother me all that much.

But that isn’t quite the point. The point is that it irks me that people are perpetuating a useless custom and contributing more rubbish to an already rubbish society of thoughtless, mindless puppets.

So, people, please. Grow a brain and think.