Would you like to spend $2 on a $15 meal?

Of course you would.

So, I would like to entice you to come to this Saturday’s Social Media Breakfast | Singapore.

This will be our fourth SMB and we’re accepting donations for the first time because we’re running out kind donors, and the caterers have to be paid.

For SMB4, guests are encouraged to donate a minimum of $2 but you can donate as much as you want.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO COME AND HAVE FUN. Just turn up. No registration required.

SMB4 is happening this Saturday, Oct 4, 11 am, at The Theatrette at URA Gallery.

There will be a panel discussion on social media as well as the usual mingling and food. Buffet lunch will be served instead of breakfast because we’ve discovered that Singaporeans don’t like to wake up early on weekends. Haha.

More details at our Facebook event page.

And find out more about SMB SG at our website!

I wasn’t present at the previous SMB, but I will be there this Saturday!! See you there! :)