Daily Journal – August 27

Daily Journal - August 27




My body is at odds with me. I wake up too early on days I need good sleep the most. I mean, I wake up prematurely on regular days, anyway, and struggle through the day with 3 hours’ sleep. But on important days – job interview, photoshoot, exam, socialising – my body won’t sleep!

This Saturday, I have to host a family lunch followed by an evening BBQ for like 30 people. Looking forward to zombie-ing the day with 2 hours’ sleep. lol.

I asked my family doctor about 10 years ago to prescribe an effective sleep aid (problems falling asleep). Before that, I had tried various things (Valerian, etc.), but without any effect. I am very happy with ambien and only take it when necessary. I only take max. 1/2 tablet, but usually 1/4 tablet.

All the meditating and yoga in the world do not help. Short of getting knocked unconscious, I don’t know what to do. Maybe move to some mountain and become a hermit.

50.8 KG

I am not losing weight after all. Not that I was trying hard. And exercise is making me eat more!

Wasp Cannonball

Was doing a bit of brisk walking in the garden when a wasp slammed into my face. I think it was a wasp. It was a big, round, furry something and it made a noise cannonballing into my face before flying away. What!


I am grateful that I survived the day and didn’t fall apart. I live to struggle another day!


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