Cat on the shelf

Mr Cat, Mr Cat, why are you hanging out with the merchandise?

Do you like the feel of the cold, hard steel?

Or are you just trying to make a statement?

I wish I knew what you’re thinking.

Are you dreaming of tuna and parakeets?

Or are you dreaming of ways to bully the neighbourhood dog?

Mr Cat, but Mr Cat…

Why are you sleeping with the merchandise?

Sleeping on the job


Someone in MediaCorp decided to give me a chance and cast me as a not-auntie, for once.

Although it’s a very small role (eight scenes, five of which I am comatose in), I very much enjoyed acting it.

The scenes (in which I’m not comatose) challenged my acting chops.

The sub-plot involving me is sweet and romantic.

I get to sleep on the job (literally).

I get to rollerblade (scene still unfilmed).

And I get to look like this:

(Now I bet someone is going to tell me that I look auntie here, too.)

Two things I love as an actress. Cool costumes and special effects makeup. I consider myself in heaven when acting in roles that require those because I get this non-stop adrenaline rush throughout the entire shoot (even when I’m made to sleep on the job).

This very small (but still meaty) role was a breath of fresh air for my sad career. I hope there’s more fresh air coming my way (after I cut my hair).

In my last blog, I mentioned that I was going to stop going to auditions. But I keep getting invited to them and it’s a bad career move to reject auditioners, so I had to go.

Not that it’s a bad thing. There were some pretty nice roles up for grab. Results still unknown.

But, whatever happens, I’m taking it easy.

If I get jobs, good.

If I don’t, I play WoW.

That, I think, is a mighty great plan.