Journal – October 11-12

Journal - October 11-12




I’m grateful for fruits! Had a sweet and juicy mango I had to wait a week to ripen adequately but it satisfied my need for sugary desserts!


Going to monthly WI meetings is going to test my willpower because they always serve cakes at the end of the meetings! I managed to resist the Victoria Sponge tonight and am very proud but I so miss the days when I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted!


But my efforts have paid off! My health score at Adam’s has improved again!

August Health Score – 62%
September Health Score – 73%
October Health Score – 77%


What is going on? Managed to sleep 8.5 hours without much trouble but Fitbit only recorded 4 minutes of deep sleep! Mind, you are not co-operating!


This box has been empty for a whole hour as I stared at it and wanted to fill it in but didn’t want to write anything that came to mind because I had a sudden upset and my mind is screaming and my heart is heavy.


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Daily Journal – September 15 + 16

Daily Journal - September 15 + 16


Transcription – September 15

Netflix and Walk

I finished my Audible book and haven’t got a new credit so I decided to watch Netflix during my walk, lol. I’m only walking in my garden so it’s safe. I don’t know about eyesight but I have so many shows I need to watch but have no time so I thought this is a great idea!

I chose to watch 3%. We watched 2 episodes when it first came out but Piers didn’t like it so we stopped but I’ve been wanting to pick it up again. It’s going great so far but my arm is sore from holding my phone at eye level the whole walk!

Stupid dream

Um, so, I dreamt last night that I was late to brother’s wedding because I followed the wrong people, like, twice! Dreams are always so stupid!


I’m grateful for my sushi breakfast even though it’s only supermarket sushi and isn’t the best. But I love sushi for breakfast and not having to cook!


Ticked all my daily habits. Did some laundry. Spent all my free time on bujo. LOL. The last one is not quite a win but let’s not quibble over definitions.


Ate an entire packet of Walkers Sensations Bangkok Streetmix. This is not a good idea, young lady. Thou shalt repent!


Transcription – September 16


I had to write 6 items of gratitude a day when I was doing BSJ. So why is it so difficult to do just one each day now? Geez, ok, I’m grateful for cute stationery, lol.


Made a smoothie with blueberries, a banana and cashew milk for a F2F task. It wasn’t all nice because healthy! But I drank it all. LOL.


I ate 2,000 calories today OMG someone shoot me. Reminder: Do not eat 2 burgers for dinner again, ever! OMG.


My sleep has improved slightly this week, in that I spent a bit more time in bed asleep instead of awake. However, deep sleep levels have been more dismal and I’ve been feeling especially fatigued all week, even on days when I had 7-9 hours’ sleep.

It’s funny how fatigue creeps up on you slowly over the years so you don’t realise something is wrong until after many years believing you’ve become boring and grumpy, not wanting to do anything. But the culprit is fatigue!

Great Movie

Hidden Figures is a really great film! It’s about 3 black female mathematicians who made significant contributions to NASA in the 1960s despite racial segregation. It’s very moving!


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Daily Journal – September 11

Daily Journal - September 11




I’m grateful for the times I get to spend on my bujo because I enjoy every minute of it and it relaxes me. And then it makes me happy to see my pages fill up.


But I do wish I had more time for everything. I feel like I have fewer hours in a day than the average person because I spend a lot of time in bed trying to sleep. Then, I spend a lot of time in my day feeling fatigued and it takes me a lot longer to do anything.


7+ years in England and I’m still learning new things. Piers told me Brits tend to eat only one proper cooked meal a day, either at lunch or dinner time. Mind blown. All the redundant cooking I’ve done!


No screens 2 hours before bed did not work. I woke up 4.5 hours into my sleep and couldn’t fall back asleep for the next 1.5 hours. Of course, it’s only been one night and I was not expecting a miracle. I’m prepared to keep at it until I see an improvement or until everything goes to shit again, lol.


Got an Amazon Prime delivery today of one card, by a young lady driving a normal car. How strange. Also, it made me feel guilty.


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Daily Journal – August 27

Daily Journal - August 27




My body is at odds with me. I wake up too early on days I need good sleep the most. I mean, I wake up prematurely on regular days, anyway, and struggle through the day with 3 hours’ sleep. But on important days – job interview, photoshoot, exam, socialising – my body won’t sleep!

This Saturday, I have to host a family lunch followed by an evening BBQ for like 30 people. Looking forward to zombie-ing the day with 2 hours’ sleep. lol.

I asked my family doctor about 10 years ago to prescribe an effective sleep aid (problems falling asleep). Before that, I had tried various things (Valerian, etc.), but without any effect. I am very happy with ambien and only take it when necessary. I only take max. 1/2 tablet, but usually 1/4 tablet.

All the meditating and yoga in the world do not help. Short of getting knocked unconscious, I don’t know what to do. Maybe move to some mountain and become a hermit.

50.8 KG

I am not losing weight after all. Not that I was trying hard. And exercise is making me eat more!

Wasp Cannonball

Was doing a bit of brisk walking in the garden when a wasp slammed into my face. I think it was a wasp. It was a big, round, furry something and it made a noise cannonballing into my face before flying away. What!


I am grateful that I survived the day and didn’t fall apart. I live to struggle another day!


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Daily Journal – August 26

Daily Journal - August 26



Coffee & Sleep

This morning, Piers drank instant coffee instead of his machine coffee because I was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake me up with the noise. He can be so sweet.

I slept till 11 am. It’s rare that I’m able to fall back asleep in the morning so I let myself sleep as much as possible. But I do feel guilty. About the coffee. And sleeping in.

Rainy Summer

It rained all day today, so I had to wear my wellies for my daily walk. Wellies in the summer! That’s more like the England I know and love!


I’m grateful for my new water filter pitcher even though it is annoying. It claims to be thoughtfully designed and has designer pricing but I don’t think it’s so great. My cheap Brita is better than it, I think!


71,421 steps this week!


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