Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday

I really, really hate IT fairs because I really, really hate navigating through crowds.

Last night, I was thinking about going to Sitex 2008 because my dad needs a laptop.

I decided that I should go today because it’s the first day and it’s a work day, so there should be less of a crowd.

I asked the Goonfather, since he’s an expert at attending IT fairs, “Do you think Sitex will be crowded tomorrow since it’s a Thursday?”

“Yes,” he said. “Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday.”


“Only Thursday will be crowded,” he repeated. “The other days will be crazy.”

What a goonbag.

Anyway, I’ve gone and returned. I survived!

It wasn’t that bad.

I actually managed to finish my purchases in 30 minutes.

I bought another MSI Wind. For my dad!

I got a black one for him. I’m not evil!!

But I bought a pink portable hard disk for myself!

I have needed an external hard disk for backup since years ago, but have never felt rich enough to actually buy one.

Today I felt rich enough because IT IS A PINK HDD!! And it’s only $199 for 500GB!!

I also bought a keyboard for the Goonfather’s mum because her keyboard has gone wonky.

I feel poor again after all these purchases.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in the next few days if you’re going. May you survive unscathed!