“The cheerleaders look better from far”

We were quite far from the action at yesterday’s NBL basketball match (Singapore Slingers vs Wollongong Hawks).

Nic usually gives us corporate box seats (awfully nice of him), which are right by the edge of the basketball court so you feel like you’re right in the action.

An example of a corporate box:

The occupants had all gone off to rate their turbans

Yesterday was “AIA Family Night” and AIA had supposedly snapped up 4,000 tickets for its staff, including corporate boxes, so we had to sit in the regular stadium stands for once, further away from the action.

It was about 8 minutes into the game when I realised that something was different.

I wasn’t paying attention to the game. I was distracted by visual overload.

The stadium had never looked so huge

I had never been able to see so much of the stadium where I always sat.

In the previous matches, the basketballers had been right in my face so I was always naturally drawn towards the action on the court.

Yesterday, I found myself checking out the stadium crowd, instead.

Where's Wally?

I suppose I was also distracted by the sticks. Thousands of noisy balloon sticks which AIA had given out to every spectator to make noise with.

Noisy sticks

Turning to the Goonfather, I said, “Sitting up here, the game doesn’t feel as immersive, does it?”

He beat his sticks at a referee for a few seconds before replying, “The cheerleaders look better from far.”


I decided not to continue the conversation.

The Goonfather had followed me to the last three or four games and made it known that the Slinger Girls in their cute, tight outfits were a huge highlight for him.

Until last week.

We had gone to the game half an hour early and been treated to a show of basketballers and cheerleaders warming up on the court.

The Slinger Girls (who are more dancers than cheerleaders, actually) got really close to us at one point.

I said, “Hey, look, your favourite girls!”

He looked and he got bug-eyed.

“OMG they look scary close up,” he said.

“No, they don’t,” I argued for them.

He didn’t argue back because he was by then traumatised speechless.

Well, they don’t look scary. The Goonfather so likes to exaggerate.

She was really happy to see him

So, that’s the story as advertised in today’s blog title.

I guess that means the Goonfather was happy sitting high up in the stands.

Many corporate seats were wasted yesterday because AIA staff didn’t turn up.

I saw an empty box:


I also saw two almost empty boxes:


I saw two more almost empty boxes:


I scanned around and found another totally empty box:


And yet another one:


The whole stadium was filled with empty corporate boxes bearing AIA’s name. Such wastage!

Oh, well, I suppose the company can well afford it.

By the way, the Slingers won last night! This is their 5th win out of 25 games, so every win is remarkable.

The Million Dollar Shot contest is still accepting entries, so go join! You can find the clue to the answer in my earlier post.

Good luck! I hope someone I know wins the million dollars! ;)

It’s not going to be me even if I get picked, because I could never shoot that ball in a million years. Haha!

Sheylara sends you the secret answer through telepathy

What bloggers get up to at Slinger games

It seems that the NBL Hummer Championship matches hosted at the Singapore Indoor Stadium have become more like blogger gatherings.

Over the months, the number of bloggers attending keeps rising, which is great, because that means more support for home team Singapore Slingers.

Note: This isn’t a full picture. For various reasons, many bloggers who attended the match aren’t in the picture. I guess some are shy.

And, now, a summary of what transpired on Dec 19.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

The Slingers-vs-Razorbacks match was a Christmas edition, it being held near Christmas, presumably.

Invitations to the game went out to children from various homes and shelters, thanks to sponsors and donors. Part of the stadium was decorated with green and red balloons to welcome them, and they were each given a goodie bag, adding to the festive spirit of the day.

The Slinger girls also wore Christmas-themed outfits.

Which deeply infused Vandalin with the Christmas spirit.

Hello Kitty Hunk

TK was proudly sporting a snoopy plaster on his forehead. The way he preened, you would think it was there as a fashion accessory and not to protect a wound.

“Nice plaster,” I told him.

“Thanks!” he said, preening.

“I got Hello Kitty plaster. You want?”

“Hey, sure!” he enthused.


(I didn’t actually expect a positive answer.)

So, anyway, I gave him my Hello Kitty plaster and he carefully replaced Snoopy with Hello Kitty.


Photos and Videos

I’m getting lazy taking photos at events these days, especially since there are so many bloggers with bigger, sexier cameras and kickass photography skills.

Jason has amazing photographs of the match.

Simply Jean has amazing photographs of the entire event!

Alice has video clips of exciting moments — Part 1 and Part 2.

Great job, you guys!

Win A Million Dollars

At every match, one spectator is randomly picked to shoot some balls from different spots on the court. Each successful shot yields a different prize — corporate box seats; 32″ LG LCD TV; $500 cash. (The participant is eligible to win all the prizes if he gets all the balls in.)

Lennie was picked this time round! OMG. Lennie’s an errant blogger who hasn’t blogged for more than a year.

Lennie won $500!!! OMG.

Nicholas has the scoop here.

And, now, I talk about the million dollars.

On Feb 13, 2008, one lucky spectator will get picked to shoot hoops for a chance to win a whole million buckaroos in cold, hard cash!

To get picked, attend any Slingers game and answer the secret question that will be revealed at the game. Answers can be sent via SMS or through the Million Dollar Shot website. And then be at the game on Feb 13. (Obviously, you can’t get picked if you’re not actually at the game on the day.)

Well, since it’s almost-Christmas, let me share this chance with you even if you didn’t attend the match on Wednesday. I’ll give you a hint for this week’s secret answer so you can take part, too!

The answer is my birth date (day of the month).


Ok, ok, for those who don’t know me that well, here’s another hint.

The answer is that mysterious number that Jim Carrey was obssessed with in that psychological thriller shown in cinemas early this year.

Is that easy enough? *lol*

Ok, go try your luck now.

If you win the million bucks, share some with me, ok?

Free McDondald’s!

Because Lennie won $500 at Wednesday’s match, he wanted to buy us drinks at St James Power Station.

Strangely, no one seemed keen to go there, so we finally decided on having drinks and supper at Kallang McDonald’s.

What a lot of food and drinks!

Thanks for the treat, Lennie!

And thanks once again to Nicholas for the invites to the games!

Conversations with the Goonfather

Once again, for those who are new to my blog, the Goonfather is not my father. He’s my goon partner.

He always makes silly remarks and tries to trick, manipulate, con, insult, tease, confuse and annoy people with his words because it’s a great source of entertainment for him.

Sometimes it backfires.

I was having a conversation in the car with him about Christmas and my impending trip to Korea (which is happening before Christmas). I kinda got excited over the thought of shopping for Christmas presents in Korea.

The Goonfather got excited, too.

“Yay!” he said, “You can buy my birthday present also!”

“What do you want?”

“Oooh,” said the Goonfather, excitedly. “I want… I want… Korean porn!”

“WTF,” I said. “You want me to get caught at customs??”

Then, I had a thought. “I know! I will snail mail it to you! If anyone’s gonna get caught, it will be you!”

So he changed his mind.

“No, no,” he said. “I don’t want porn. I want a live Korean girl.”

I had another idea.

“How about I buy nice Korean clothes there, then come back and cosplay a Korean girl for you, ok?”

“Yaaaaay!” he said. “Ok! My own Korean cutie!”

“That’s your birthday present!!” I announced happily.

“Ehhh…,” he said. “I think I kena con.”

(“Kena” is a Malay word meaning to get/receive a negative action.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday. We were at the Singapore Indoor Stadium watching the Singapore Slingers duke it out with the Brisbane Bullets.

During a time-out, Michael Wong, one of the only two Singaporean players in the Singapore team, got called into the game.

Which prompted frenzied cheering in the audience because he hardly ever gets to play.

I was busy taking photographs, so I didn’t catch what was happening.

So I asked the Goonfather, “Who did Michael Wong replace?”

He pointed at the Slingers bench.

“There, that tall one.”

I gave him a narrow eye and then informed him, “THEY ARE ALL TALL LOR!!”

“Oh,” he said.

His answers are always rubbish.

By the way, it was a great match. I must be pretty lucky, because the Slingers have only won three out of 17 games and I witnessed two of those wins! The Slingers played so amazingly yesterday, my jaw was left hanging quite a bit.

Thanks again to Nicholas and Precious for the corporate box tickets!

Slinger Girls giving away an LCD TV to a lucky draw winner.

Someone has been really busy during the match…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyway, I’m putting the Goonfather up for rental. Need to trick, manipulate, con, insult, tease, confuse or annoy a friend (or enemy)? Call 1800-GOON-A-FRIEND today!

Singapore Slingers put the sling on Perth Wildcats

Last night was amazing.

First, the Singapore Slingers beat the Perth Wildcats in a thrillingly close match.

Second, Ben Knight remembered me!

Ben is one of the Singapore Slingers’ star players.

If you read my blog about the first Slingers game I attended, you’d remember that I got chased out of the court during the after-game mingling because I was wearing chunky boots and the stadium management didn’t like that.

So, what happened that time was I got stuck waiting on the outside of the court while the other bloggers continued to mingle with the basketballers for photo opps. Kind Nicholas, noticing my predicament, brought the photo opp to me.

He asked Ben Knight if he would walk over to the side to pose for a picture with me. Ben said okay and asked why I was standing at the side. I told him the stadium people didn’t like my shoes. He said that was a shame because my shoes are fantastic, or something like that. Then we took a picture.

That was more than two weeks ago.

Last night, we were doing our groupie thing again, swarming all over the players for photographs.

Precious and I got Ben Knight to pose with us.

After it was done, Ben said to me, “I see you’re wearing the right shoes this time.” And then he gave me a charming smile.

ZOMG! I was very charmed.

I started jumping all over the place and tugging at Precious and Nicholas and making them go crazy with my maniacal squeals: “He remembers me! He remembers me! OMG!”

I am such an amazing groupie. So proud of myself.

I’m also very excited over the Slingers’ win last night. They’ve played 10 games and only won twice, including last night, so it was super exciting, especially since the match was terribly close the whole time. A tie happened in the very last minute, literally, and the game went into overtime.

It was nerve-wracking watching the two teams slug it out for the win. But the Slingers emerged triumphant. Well, they’re still at the bottom of the ladder in the NBL Hummer Championship, but that’s because they’re a new team. So I think every single win is a major achievement.

The Slinger Girls had different costumes last night. I like!

During half time, a group of cute little girls were brought in to “dance” with the Slinger Girls.

The Slinger Mascot joined in midway.

But he soon got tired of dancing and went to socialise with little fans.

This little one was totally enamoured of the big white lion!

Well, the basketballers played really well and all. I think they were in a better mood to be mobbed by fans for photographs and autographs than the last time.

Here’s Shane McDonald. He’s not as tall as the other players but he’s really cute! And he played very well last night.

Actually, all of them played well. Including my favourite Rod Grizzard.

Well, they are all becoming my favourite!

I never thought I would enjoy watching basketball so much. The Goonfather loved it, too. It was his first time catching a live basketball game and he was hyped throughout!

After the photo-taking with the basketballers, I was introduced to Ash, co-owner of the Singapore Slingers, and Riaz, executive producer for The Contenders Asia.

Ash is second from right and Riaz is second from left.

What an exciting night!

Okay, that sounded lame, like some stupid primary school composition ending. So, let me end on a more classy note, instead.

Go catch a Slingers match before the season is over!!!

Hunks and babes of Slingers

I saw hunks and babes last night.

In the most unlikely of places you could ever find me.

I was at a pro-basketball match at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Yep. I, who yawn at the sports section in the papers and develop an allergic reaction every time someone surfs to a sports channel on TV, watched a live basketball match.

To me, sports is meant to be played, not watched, so I could never be a sports groupie, if there’s such a term.

But I was one last night. A basketball groupie, that is.

It’s all Nicholas’ fault. He invited me to an NBL game to watch home team Singapore Slingers slug it out with the fiersome Melbourne Tigers.

I accepted his invitation because I’ve never watched a live basketball match and, as much as I feel that sports spectating is a stupid activity, I believe that it’s important to try different things in life whenever you get the chance to.

As a matter of fact, I have attended one Aussie Rules (Australian football) game in Melbourne and one baseball game in California. Both were surprisingly enjoyable. So, I guess it’s just as well I have a basketball game to add to my collection.

The Slingers management hosted us in a corporate box, which put us nearer to the action and allowed us to ogle the hunks and babes more effectively.

When I stepped into the stadium, the two teams were warming up on the court. I wanted to support the Melbourne Tigers because the members looked taller and more aggressive. And they also happened to be leading this seaon’s NBL Championship with no losses to date. And also because I used to study at Melbourne, so I feel a kind of affinity for that place.

But I decided that it’s better to be patriotic and support the Singapore team, never mind that they’re currently placed second to last in the league and that there are, in fact, only two actual Singaporeans on the team.

Well, and it’s only polite to support the team which management is hosting you in a $25,000 corporate box.

So, I quickly found myself a favourite Slinger to root for.

Number one Rod Grizzard has a funky hairdo and a cool goatee and he’s like a little over 2m tall. Gosh.

(His profile picture from the Slingers’ website.)

I know nuts about basketball, but I liked the way he kept plucking the ball right out of the enemy’s grasp and robbing them of the chance to score. He was also, of course, one of the top scorers for the night.

Having a favourite made it very easy to enjoy the game.

There were tons of breaks during the game, which was when the Slinger Girls got to show off their stuff.

Haha. They look like they’re about to strip their tops off.

Whenever the game was in progress, they sat or stood by the side, ocassionally yelling cheers.

I didn’t quite get the level of energy I expected from them, though. I had the impression that they were just doing a job and weren’t really into the game or the basketballers.

But what’s nice was the audience participation. They fished this bloke randomly out of the audience to shoot some hoops.

He was given a few tries at different distances from the hoop. He got two in and I think he won $60 or $80. Cool!

After half time, the girls changed into cuter outfits and did more dancey stuff.

The Tigers suffered a casualty early in the game.

But that didn’t stop them from winning.

I think most people expected the Tigers to win, anyway, since they hadn’t lost a single match this season, and the Slingers are a pretty new team and still getting their feet wet in the NBL.

But it was a really close match. In the last quarter, the Slingers managed to close up the gap quite substantially and actually looked like they had a chance to win.

Too bad they didn’t.

The final score was Slingers 96 to Tigers 105. The Slingers put up a really good fight!! Yay for the Singapore team which consists of only two Singaporeans, neither of whom played last night’s game! *lol*

After the match, the Slingers hung around at the court for autographs and photographs.

Grizzard was mobbed by kids!

So I took pictures with some of the other basketballers. I mean, they were pretty cool, too. Just that I can only have one favourite, you understand.

They’re really tall. I look so short beside them. And I was wearing my super chunky platform boots.

Boots that, incidentally, got me banned from the court halfway through my groupie activities.

“Excuse me, miss. Your shoes are a little hard and might damage the court, so would you mind stepping out and not walking on the court?”

What the heow lah. Morons. My boots are light lor.

Anyway, I stuck around the sides and brooded until Nicholas, bless him, brought Grizzard over to take a group photo.


Second last photo. Me with Daphnemaia and Princess Sabrina!

On the whole, it was enjoyable. I actually wouldn’t mind catching another match. And maybe even hanging out with the Slingers at Brewerkz afterwards.

The Slingers hang out at Brewerkz Indoor Stadium after each home match and fans are invited to kinda hang out with them there. I don’t know what it’s like since I had to rush home after the game last night, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty cool.

The NBL Championship is on till February of next year and there will be 10 more matches played in Singapore, at the Indoor Stadium.

Tickets are available through Sistic if you’re interested.

Go, Slingers! I hope they win more games and stop staying at the bottom of the ladder! I could see they gave their best shot last night so I think they deserve to get a better result!

See lah. Stupid Nicholas made a basketball groupie out of me.

(This photo was taken by Precious. I stole it from her Facebook photo album. Hehe!)

Oh yeah, check out themediaslut for great photos of the match and of the bloggers who attended the match!

Sorry, my photos CMI one. Haha.