Fall in love with this golden beauty


A couple of weeks ago, I was drooling over the limited edition gold Sony VAIO X Series.

Sony Vaio Signature Collection

I still love Fluffy (my netbook) but she’s not meeting my needs anymore. Many times, I don’t even bring her out even when I need to have a mobile PC with me.

And then, just days later, I received an advertorial assignment.

“Would you like to write an advertorial for a VAIO notebook?”

I was, like, “OMG TELL ME IT’S FOR THE VAIO X Series!”

And it was, like, “HOW YOU KNOW??!”

Sony Vaio Signature Collection

Life is awesome!!!

Well, okay, not THAT awesome. I don’t actually get a free VAIO X Series for this.

But it renews my wish to own one.

And I won’t be raving over it because this is an advertorial. I am totally going to rave over it because it meets all my current needs.

It’s Xtremely pretty!

Sony Vaio X

Yes, actually, that’s my main criteria for any gadget. It’s a girl thing, okay.

Like all VAIO notebooks, the X Series is classy and elegant. But there is a beautiful limited-edition lustrous gold model in the VAIO X Series. Classy and elegant times one million!

It’s Xtremely light!

Sony Vaio X

The VAIO X Series boasts the world’s lightest notebook, at only 655 grams for the VPCX113KG model.

With a 11.1″ WXGA display, I think it’s a perfect size, small enough to carry around frequently, big enough as a workspace for my blogging and Facebook gaming. Haha.

It’s Xtremely thin!

Sony Vaio X

It’s 13.9mm. That’s ridiculously thin for a laptop or notebook! That’s like 1.39 cm! Like 0.54 inches! I could slip it into my handbag and the regular occupants inside wouldn’t even notice the invasion!

It’s Xtremely mobile!

Sony Vaio X

Depending on which model you get, the VAIO X Series offers a variety of connection choices. There’s Wireless WAN 3.5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, all built in!

The beauty of built-in connections is that it saves on battery power, as opposed to USB connections.

Which brings us to the last (but not least) point, which is actually the most important point of all, next to looks (for me).

Xtremely awesome battery life!

Sony Vaio X

Who can beat 16 hours of usage on one single battery pack? Who, huh?

The wedge-shape optional X battery not only gives you 16 pure hours of usage, it also offers an angled-typing experience.

It will be so great not having to bring the power cable out all the time. Power cables can be almost as heavy and bulky as the notebooks they’re powering, which is often troublesome and inconvenient.

This 16-hour battery pack just saves the day!

Wow, okay. I’m going to put this on my Christmas wishlist. The Goonfather was just asking me about it. Haha.

Sony Vaio X

The gold one is limited. I hope it doesn’t get sold out before I get my hands on one!

Well, the Sony VAIO X Series is already available at major electronics stores and Sony stores. Why not see it for yourself in person?

Or check it out at the microsite.

Now to launch a Christmas Present Campaign on the Goonfather!