Fashion Diary #7: Miss Muffet

Day 7

Name of outfit: Miss Muffet


Destination: An audition

Notes: I don’t dress like that to go out, normally. It’s the blouse. I bought it for audition purposes and that’s what I wore it for today. I think it’s a really sweet blouse, but it’s not very me.

I had to look a bit more mature today, but I wanted to look cute and fun at the same time. So I threw in the short denim skirt to tone the maturity down. Well, I don’t know if the outfit worked but I seemed to have made an impression at the audition. ;)

Fashion Diary #2: Rustic Kitten

Day 2

Name of outfit: Rustic Kitten


Destination: BlogOut 2007

Notes: Well, the invite said to come in party attire, so I thought I’d better wear heels instead of the dirty sneakers I’m so fond of these days. I’m also very fond of knee length socks, which go nicely with heels to neutralise the elegance that heels give. (I hate looking elegant. It makes me feel yuck.)

I also know that people aren’t going to turn up at a bloggers’ event in party dresses despite what the invite says, because this is Singapore. (And I was right, too.) So I went for casual clothes with my party heels.

Public Reaction #1: What’s with the hair? Act cute ah?
Public Reaction #2: Little girl, are you lost?
Public Reaction #3: I’m so sorry, but your outfit is so special. That’s why I couldn’t stop staring.