Open house at!! (Thank you, SingNet!)

I received a good news e-mail from SingTel’s corporate communications department this morning, telling me that the access issue at my blog has been fixed!

I also read some of your comments in my other posts that you’re finally able to access my blog.


No, wait, why so conservative?


I would like to thank all my readers for bearing with the situation over the last few weeks and for taking the time to feedback to me and to help me with testing and trace route reports.

I would like to thank readers who didn’t give up on my blog and for continuously trying to access it!

I also want to thank SingNet for heeding my SOS e-mail and going all out to help me fix the problem. The technical support people even contacted my USA webhost to work on resolving the issue.

I’m really impressed that they bothered to help me and went on to tackle the problem with great efficiency!

Well, looks like it’s working now! *cross fingers*

So, I am declaring today Open House Day at!!


Er… please come in and visit, make yourself at home, um, help yourself to some virtual refreshments.

Well, the Internet is virtual, anyway.

I will be online all day (doing work, in case you’re wondering) so drop in and chat with me through my comments! =)

And have a great day ahead!

Winners of the Great Hamster Giveaway!

I have the results of the Great Hamster Giveaway! There are 17 winners! Congratulations to you all!

I’m really pleased with the response to this contest. The only regret I have is that I don’t have enough prizes to give to everyone who participated.

Not to fret, though. I will be holding more contests in the future, so watch out for them!

[Random hamster prize]

Okay, I’m announcing the winners now! Is your name on the list?
(Click here to see pictures of the prizes) Great Hamster Giveaway Winners

  1. Jane Foo – Pink Princess Castle
  2. Syndicatee – Cosy hamster cottage
  3. Cannie – Hamster house and bathroom
  4. Kewrious – Hamster wheel
  5. Clarissa – Hamster bed with cooling pad
  6. Annisha – Hamster couch with cooling pad
  7. Danny – Hamster Bathroom
  8. Bunny – S.A.M. feeder
  9. Winston – Capsule hamster bathtub
  10. Issura – Cardboard playpen
  11. yukita – Cardboard playpen
  12. modchip – Mini food dish
  13. CJ – Grow your own grass
  14. xing – Hamster ball
  15. boa51186 – Feeding bottle
  16. Kochier – S.A.M. elbow tube
  17. GeekStars – Wood carrot chew toy

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation! I really enjoyed reading all your answers, too! ;) I will be sending all of you an e-mail soon about your prize collection.

Some interesting facts

  • The draw was conducted using a randomiser. First drawn person got first prize and so on.
  • Jane (1st) had 55 credits.
  • Cannie (3rd) holds the record for most credits earned — 64.
  • Danny (7th) is the luckiest, being the only contestant with only 1 credit to win a prize.
  • Most of the winners had at least 20 credits. Two winners had below 10 credits.
  • There are four outside-Singapore winners — Malaysia, Philippines, Canada and UK.

Well, that is all. I hope your hamsters like their new toys!

My blog got nominated in! Whee!

Hey, cool. I just realised my blog has been nominated for Most Entertaining Blog in the 1st Anniversary Blog Awards.

Most Entertaining Blog

Haha. Thanks, whoever nominated me.

Well, I’m not going to ask people to vote for me because my last experiment was a raging failure. I asked my supposedly hundreds of blog readers to kindly vote for me to bump me to the first page of ranking. But, to date, I have 13 votes. Yippee.

I understand it’s a pain having to register at the website in order to vote, so I’m not really complaining. It’s fine. But I sincerely thank all 13 of you who voted for me. I know who you are! ;)

Anyway, back to

I got to know about when I attended BlogOut 2007. It’s a nice site with a friendly growing community. I don’t really hang out there since I don’t really know them, but it’s great receiving a nomination, anyway.

Only members can vote, so, yes, you have to register in order to vote for me. So, don’t vote if you hate registering. Vote if you really find my blog entertaining and feel compelled to +1 me.

Click here to vote if you feel like it. Mine is the 4th blog in the Most Entertaining category.

Whether you vote or not is not important. What’s important is that I appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog because I like writing stuff for people.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! =)