This week’s Star Blog topic: Sex

I don’t like to talk about sex.

I mean, it’s a very private matter. And I do try to be socially responsible in my blogs because I know there are young people reading my blog.

Unfortunately, I was tasked to talk about sex for Star Blog this week.

The topic: “SEX! What does this word trigger off in you?”


I stressed over it for a day and finally decided to just let it all out.

Read at your own discretion.

Younger and younger kids are having sex

What gives?

Statistics and news reports show that kids are starting at a younger age.

I think (for myself) it would be scary to be a kid now. Today’s kids are growing up in a society that constantly stresses them and confuses them. Their heads are probably all messed up.

Not in the sense that they’re crazy or anything, but in the sense that it’s hard for them to make sound and informed decisions.

Sex, to them, is probably just another thing that’s lying around, waiting to be tried.

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Sex is more popular than football

The most popular sport in the world, according to a straw poll conducted over the weekend involving one bored boyfriend, is sex.

“What is the most popular sport in the world?” I had asked him.

“Sex,” he said

“That is not a sport!”

“Yes, it is,” he argued. “It’s an activity that increases your heart rate and burns calories.”

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