Of school and cute lunches

It’s been about three weeks since I recovered from chicken pox and I’m still catching up on school work while new ones keep pouring in relentlessly.

Last week, one of our lecturers assigned us yet another essay to our utmost horror, which we made sure to express very visibly on our faces.

She took one look at us and said, “What, are you all feeling overworked?”

“Yesssssssssss,” We chorused miserably.

Smiling, she said, “You don’t know what’s coming yet. Have you seen your seniors lately and noticed how frazzled they have been looking?”

Right. We really needed to know that.

The “seniors” she was talking about are just three months ahead of us.

Anyway, we have a three-week holiday coming up, during which time we have to complete two essays and one file, which will contain about 60-80 A4 pages of notes and drawings.

Like this:


Oooh, my file


Some holiday.

We have to do about 15 essays and 7 or 8 files within this one year. Whee.

As a result, I’ve had to let my blog pile up as well. I have a lot to blog about but no time to write them. Today, I’m taking a break from school work because I will have the holiday to catch up on everything, hopefully, lol.

Regardless, I am still enjoying the course. At times, I do want to pull out all my hair, like when slaving over all my assignments, but completing them gives me such a sense of achievement that I sometimes actually enjoy the work, which is hopefully not a sign of masochism.

It’s like people who enjoy going to the gym and torturing the hell out of their muscles, right? I think I kind of enjoyed that, too, when I was doing it, except during the moments when I wanted to murder my personal trainer so he will stop making me do more sets.

This is a bit complicated so let’s talk about something else.

In England, there are no coffee shops, hawker centres, food courts or random food outlets. There are only restaurants, pubs and supermarkets. Which means that people make their own lunches and take them to school or work. (You can buy refrigerated precooked meals in supermarkets but they mostly suck.)

This is something I am having a lot of trouble getting used to. In the beginning, I just made sandwiches, which seemed easiest, but then I very quickly got stark raving sick of sandwiches. I will literally go insane if I have to eat the same kind of food every day for even a week. I would rather starve, seriously.

Sometimes, my lunch looks like this because I have no time to prepare food or I can’t be bothered:


Oooh, lunch.


But that was before I found out that our school has a no nut policy because nut allergy is quite prevalent and can be deadly. (Just read in Wikipedia that, in England, 11 people are newly diagnosed with a peanut allergy EVERY DAY.)

No more Snickers or Picnic for lunch, which is a pity because I love them. However, I have many other nutless mini snacks to choose from, so that’s alright.


Oooh, snacks.


We usually eat in our classroom because the break room has no tables and is always crowded. It’s very fun to see what lunches people bring every day.

Kai brought a whole can of tomato soup last week, lol.


Oooh, soup.


The bright side of having to prepare our own lunches is that I have an excuse to make some… uh… very essential purchases.


Oooh, lunch boxes.


Oooh, lunch boxes!


I tried to convince Piers that he needed cute lunch boxes and bags, too, because I sometimes prepare his lunches, but he refused to hear of it. Spoilsport. So we just got him some boring containers from Ikea.

So, now that I have lunch boxes, I can pack proper food like rice, pasta, couscous, or whatever. The lunch bag is to hold together a selection of mini snacks plus a banana.

Yes, bananas are very important because they help reduce/control/treat stress, depression, nerves, anemia, constipation, blood pressure, heartburn, morning sickness, ulcers, stroke, cancer, kidney disease, osteoporosis, vision loss and mosquito bites.

Yep, I just copied that from some website. BUT, oh my, bananas are so very amazing.

Anyway, I have so far visited two nurseries to clock my observation/teaching practice hours and have been delighted by my experiences with the children, even if most of them just involved me sitting in a corner and watching them.

Will share some stories next time when I have time to write another post. I will probably have enough material to write a book by the time I finish my 240 hours! Except I won’t have time to write it, lol.

Oh yeah, going back to Singapore for a week in April. Yep, sadly, that’s all the time I can spare in view of all the assignments we have.

Oh boy.

Don’t believe everything Facebook tells you

Piers pointed out to me today something funny that he saw on his Facebook feed.

There were my status updates where I was stressing about my essay, groaning about not having much time left to finish it. And then, on the same page, it also showed that I had been watching Prison Break on Netflix.




Now, this is a complete lie because, while I was toiling away at my essay, Piers was the one who was watching Prison Break on my Netflix account. Because my Netflix is linked to my Facebook, it auto-updated.

Stupid Facebook.

But it’s all good. I enjoy linking all my apps to Facebook so that everyone knows whenever I watch a movie, listen to a song, play a game or toast some bread.

Today, we live in the happy delusion that people actually care about every breath we take and every fart we make. If it keeps us happy and raises our self-esteem, why not, huh?

Indeed, why not.

But just remember not to believe everything you see in Facebook because someone could pretend to have watched an intellectual film just to appear intellectual, or another person could use someone else’s Netflix account to watch Prison Break while said someone else is supposed to be working hard on an essay.

But, still, all is good. I have scanned through Netflix quickly and not found any overly embarrassing films or TV programmes in there so Piers is welcome to knock himself out watching all the shows he possibly can because Netflix is like a TV buffet.

Anyway, the worst of my chicken pox is over now. I don’t even want to talk about it because it is the worst singular experience I’ve had in my life.

I am now trying my darnedest to catch up with my school work because I had to miss an entire week of classes, during which I was sick and miserable at home, at times fantasizing about rushing outside in the middle of the night to provoke random drunk students so that they would be inspired to stab me dead.

In the meantime, I have been honing my drawing skills on the new social game, Draw Something, which you can play on Apple and Android devices, and which you should because it’s fun. Download it and add me via Facebook or e-mail so we can play together and I can traumatise you with my crappy drawings.

Can’t stay to chat now. I have just finished writing a 5,000-word essay but I have one more to write, the contents of which were taught when I was absent from school.


Have a good March and be as mad as a March hare!