Two school girls carrying something weird

I was in the car when I saw this. It gave me a surreal double-take moment but I recovered fast enough and proceeded to get the Goonfather’s attention by jabbing his left arm violently.

“Look, look!! Quick! What are they carrying??!!” I exclaimed excitedly.

And then I whipped out my camera like the obssessed blogger that I pretend not to be.

[The girls enjoy being twins]

It’s hard to tell for sure what those things are. Even in close-up.

[The black bunnies enjoy being slung over shoulders]

I don’t know. Are these girls crazy, or weird, or cute? Why don’t you tell me.

Anyway, I’m jealous that there weren’t cool stuff like that when I was in school. Not fair. I want to be born 100 years later. (Or maybe not.)

I wonder if the school bag plushie things are part of the school uniform. If they are, I’m sending my future (hypothetical) kid to that school.

Great. I just succeeded in making myself sound old.