Hole Series: Battle scars

Here is my most recent collection of battle scars.

Except they’re not really scars since they’re not permanent. And it wasn’t really a battle, was it? But what does it matter, I show them off as proudly as I would battle scars, if I were to have them, although I hope I never do.

I collected these within the week of filming Hole in the Wall.

What can I say? I bruise easily.

First off, after practising and performing ballet moves that required me to put weight on my knees, I collected bruise upon bruise.

Some of them have turned black with age while the red ones are newly-acquired ones – if you can see clearly.

Left knee:

Right knee:

Another picture of right knee:

There were also other kinds of “scars”. Can’t just have bruises in a decent collection, can we?

Mysterious random scratch on left arm:

Bad rash from bandages:

I hope these are disgusting enough to turn your stomach and throw you off breakfast.

Ok, then, here’s something to take your mind off disgusting pictures.

Me in goofy, mismatched getup at
home practising ballet:

Nanny Wen, Elyxia and Wang Wang, my lovely faithful friends, came around to help me practise so that I can pass off as a half-decent ballerina for at least a few seconds at a time.

They were the first witnesses to my battle scars!

Me in tutu during shoot:

The “scars” are long gone by now, although I’ve got a new bruise on my right knee right now. It’s another one of those mysterious bruises I have no idea where from.

Well, what can I say? I bruise easily.