My Sadako look scared all my readers away

My blog readership suffered a 35% dip yesterday.

I think I scared all my readers away when I posted my “Sadako” photo in the preceding post.

I suppose it could also be because I didn’t blog yesterday, but I don’t usually get such a drastic dip from missing a day.

I was considering not blogging today because I’m so busy this week I’m this near to going on strike and emigrating either to the mountains or to a very clean and comfortable white padded room.

But I thought I’d better post something to displace the Sadako post before all my readers run away screaming in terror and I’m forced to talk to an empty room.

And here’s a “Mona Lisa” photo to regain your confidence in me.

[Soothing the savage beast]

Okay, that’s a bad imitation. But I wasn’t trying to do an imitation in the first place.

It beats the Sadako look, in any case.

And I still need a haircut, which I still haven’t got time to get.

I have been considering shaving my head, having a baby, and treating the baby very badly.

But then, I haven’t got time to do that, either.