Sheylara the Sackgirl

I spent my last two weekends over at Minou’s and Kerrendor’s place, playing LittleBigPlanet.

Four-player LBP is a real hoot! Seriously. If you have LBP, you must invite your friends over to play together. I wish I had videotaped our sessions because we spent like five hours laughing till we were rolling on the floor.

In LBP, you control cute characters called sackboy (or sackgirl), helping each other get past all kinds of weird obstacles to reach the finish line. Then you get rewarded with costumes/hairstyles/facial features/etc to dress up your sackperson.

This is my basic sackgirl (wearing a default costume).

You can pose.

See how the environment is made of cardboard and woolly things?

You can also make funny faces.

It’s too cute for words lah.

When you’re playing with friends, you can punch each other for fun. It doesn’t progress the game or give any rewards, it’s just a bo liao feature, like making faces. On a successful punch, your friend will go flying and there’ll be a cute “bish” sound.

My friends and I actually spent a whole hour sitting in our pod (something like a menu page) punching each other and laughing our heads off.

This is the game that will turn perfectly normal grown ups into kids.