Of hypocritical and malicious people

I met this person some time back at an event. We exchanged friendly words and it was nice.

Then, today, I found out that this person, after meeting me only once, had gone and posted nasty untruths about me in an Internet forum.

This is really quite hurtful.

I do on occasion get nasty comments in my blog, but I can deal with that because it’s a common enough occurence for strangers to just randomly bitch about random people as a past-time.

But learning that someone I know, someone whom I was nice to, someone who had appeared to be nice to me, has been spreading rumours about me, is just wrong.

I won’t go as far as to call it a betrayal because this person is just an acquaintance, but it still doesn’t change the wrongness of it.

It’s so hard to find true and sincere friends these days. You never know when someone unexpected is going to sink a knife in your back.