Coffeeshop blogging

When I first bought my MSI Wind, I had envisoned myself relaxing at some cool coffee joint, like maybe TCC, on a leisurely afternoon, sipping coffee while blogging on my pink cutie in air-conditioned comfort.

I never imagined I would be blogging in a coffeeshop in Hougang while eating rojak off a paper plate and drinking strawberry smoothie off a plastic cup.

Very tak glam.

I had a photoshoot nearby, earlier. It was over by 4:30pm, and I had two hours to kill before meeting the Goonfather for dinner.

I called the Goonfather to ask him whether I should go home first or just hang around and wait for him because his office is also nearby.

He said, “Taking a bus home will take you an hour. Why don’t you walk over to Heartland Mall? You can hang out in the Hong Kong cafe there and do your blog stuff or whatever.”

I said, “Okay, you pick me up at Heartland Mall later.”

I had made the call to him while sitting at this coffeeshop. (I had sat down because my shoe lace had come off while walking towards the road, initially planning to just hail a cab and go home.)

After I hung up the phone, I went to order a plate of rojak.


I decided to stay put because the weather is nice out, it’s an airy and quiet coffeeshop, and I really like the rojak here.

I just feel a little out of place because I’m surrounded by uncles. There are about 15 customers I can see from my position and they are all uncles. I’m the only female customer.

But they’re okay, just minding their own business and not regarding me with suspicion or anything.

This isn’t the first time I’m blogging at a HDB coffeeshop.

It probably won’t be the last time, either.

But I think I’d better stop now. The zhi char stall beside me is beginning to cook stuff and Fluffy is starting to feel oily.