Medieval-themed restaurant not very medieval

It was that huge statue in a cheap suit of armor that first got us curious about The King Louis Grill & Bar at VivoCity.

The statue was standing in a rather prominent spot in VivoCity, holding a sword and accompany a large poster detailing the merits of the restaurant it was endorsing.

The food in the pictures looked really good. Meat. Thick slabs of juicy, tantalising meat. Loads of meat.

And there was a 3-for-2 beer promo which decided the boys.

So up we went to The King Louis.

The King Louis

It is supposedly a restaurant serving medieval English royalty cuisine.

The menu looks good enough. There are royal banquet sets for knights and queens, as well as individual ala carte items.

But I’m sure medieval royalty had dishes a lot more creative than what we saw on the menu. They probably had dishes along the lines of Honey-coated Roast Rabbit Stuffed With Exotic Pear and Aged Cheese.

Still, I am generally quite happy sticking to commoner dishes like Just A Regular Rib-Eye Steak, so it didn’t bother me too much that The King Louis didn’t quite deliver its promise of feeding us like medieval royalty.

The King Louis

The decor is a little cheesy if you want my opinion. The furniture looks more Western Cowboy Tavern than Medieval England Court to me. The only things that vaguely pass off as medieval are the fake knights wearing plates of cheap, hammered steel.

And there are TV monitors surrounding the restaurant.

The King Louis

“Oh, look! Medieval TV!” said Unker Kell.

He pointed at one particular TV in a corner. The screen was doing funny stuff, alternating between colourful fuzz and techno-funk lines performing synchronised dance.

The King Louis

The King Louis


But despite questionable decor and misleading advertisements, we found the food pretty decent. Three of us shared a Knight’s Banquet at a reasonable price of $45.90.

For an additional $10, we could receive two soups, two drinks and dessert.

The King Louis

The King Louis

I mean, the meats weren’t to-die-for or anything, but they were tasty enough that I wouldn’t mind going back there again. I love mixed platters where you get all kinds of meat.

Only the pork was disappointing because it was overcooked, too tough and dry. The beef and chicken were reasonably good. The potato wedges were crispy and tasty. The pineapple and apple slices were inedible, being quite bland. All their juices must have seeped out during the cooking.

The meal was just enough for the three of us.

I particularly liked the very large fork that come sitting on the platter.

The King Louis

When it was time for us to receive our dessert, I was excited to discover what “King Louis Assorted Pastries” we were going to get.

Turned out it was this:

The King Louis

I asked our server, “THIS is assorted pastries?”

She smiled without any hint of irony and said brightly, “Yes.”

Oh, well, at least the staff was cheerful and friendly.

The staff was made up of young ladies dressed in black t-shirts and black pants with very common-looking aprons and — get this — wearing cheap tiaras on their heads with their hair unceremoniously tied up.

It was wrong on two counts.

Firstly, tiaras should go with gowns, not lousy tshirts and pants with cheap aprons.

Secondly, tiaras are supposed to belong on princesses, and princesses are not waitresses, period.

It would be a better experience for diners if the waitresses are dressed like medieval serving wenches. You can easily get these costumes at costume shops.

Serving wench

Although you’d have to dirty them up a bit to make them look more realistic. I mean the dresses, not the wenches. Although I can imagine serving wenches being quite grimy after hours of serving food.

For a themed restaurant, overall, not enough effort has been made to stay faithful to the theme. Foodwise, it’s reasonable. The cheesecake was actually really good. Secret Recipe standard.

Just don’t order beer.

Our boys got the “3 beers for the price of 2” promo, right? It turned out that their three beers cost $40. Each pint of Stella Artois goes for $20 there.

According to the boys, $40 is a normal price to pay for three pints of beer at most drinking places, anyway. Some promotion that was.

We’d still go back, though. We want to try the meat+seafood banquet, next. And I’m still hoping the wait staff uniforms will get better.

The King Louis Grill & Bar is at #03-07A VivoCity (beside Daiso).

Famous seafood noodles in KL — location revealed

When I blogged about curry seafood noodles last year, many people asked me for the address or directions to get there.

[Famous Curry Seafood Noodles]

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the info then, but now I’ve got it!

You know, I’ve asked around my Malaysian friends. And it turns out it’s one of those places, no one knows what the restaurant is called, no one knows the street name, no one knows how to give directions there. But everyone knows about it and how to get there on their own!

Maybe it’s just a conspiracy to keep people from thronging to the place and pushing prices up. Hahaha.

But I shall be kind (or inconsiderate, depending on how you look at it) and reveal it today!

The outlet is called Restoran Yu Ai. It may be called a restaurant but it looks more like a dingy roadside stall which offers only one food item.

[Restoran Yu Ai Seafood Noodles]

[Dingy Restoran Yu Ai]

Actually, once you know the name of the restaurant, you can google it. It’s out there, lol, and not really secret.

It’s located on Jalan Segambut Utara.

[Jalan Segambut Tengah]

I took a picture of the street sign but I took the wrong one (because it was drizzling and I didn’t want to linger around outdoors for too long)! Haha. But this will work, because the restaurant is only about 30 metres from this corner. (And I’ll post a map and the full address at the end of this entry.)

We usually park behind the restaurant, where there are outdoor seats in the carpark.

[At the back of Restoran Yu Ai]

I prefer to sit inside (upstairs) because it’s cleaner and more spacious. I mean the tables aren’t crammed together like you see here.

If you sit outside, you’re sitting beside this:

[Back door of Restoran Yu Ai]

But then, people don’t seem to mind. This place is packed every time I go there.

The seafood noodles come in different flavoured soups — clear, curry and tom yam.

The smell of tom yam is the most prominent when you walk into the restaurant. It smells really really good and I always have half a mind to order it. But I’ve been there three times and three times I’ve ordered curry because it’s the best!

[Curry Seafood Noodles]

The Goonfather also likes the clear version. I hate it because the taste of seafood is so strong it’s almost raw.

[Clear Seafood Noodles]

There you have it. Please don’t go too often because I don’t want a bowl of noodles to cost $20 the next time I go there! Haha. Each bowl costs RM14 right now, which is S$6 or US$4.40. My KL friend says the price keeps going up.

Oh, and if you’ve tried the tom yam before, please tell me whether it’s good!

Restoran Yu Ai (Seafood Noodles)
42 Jalan Segambut Utara
Segambut, Kuala Lumpur,

[Map to Restoran Yu Ai]
Map taken from here.

If you don’t like your food, would you tell the waiter?

Dinner at Hog’s Breath Cafe in Chijmes. The Goonfather ordered a beer. I ordered a Virgin Mary.

I think he got shortchanged. Hahaha. How often do you see a mug of beer shorter than a Virgin Mary?

(For the record, I wasn’t being coy ordering a Virgin Mary. I just didn’t want to go to acting class tipsy.)

Okay, I’m not going to talk about the food or anything like that because you know I hate doing reviews unless I think something is really, really worth reviewing.

Let’s just say the food was satisfactory but I won’t go back again.

And I hope that waiters eventually learn that it’s very disconcerting for diners to have their meals interrupted every 15 minutes to be asked, “How are you enjoying your food, sir?”

Honestly, must they do that?

In the one hour we were there, we were asked that question four times by three different servers.

I asked the Goonfather, “Do you like your food?”

“Yeah, it’s not bad,” he said.

I asked again, “If you didn’t like your food, would you tell the waiter?”

“Nah, their question is just a formality. They don’t really expect you to say anything negative.”

Is that so?

Are people weird, or what? Why ask questions you don’t mean asking? Why say things you don’t mean saying?

People, stop being weird!! I can’t get used to it!

I want to go back to my own planet.


Now, don’t think I don’t appreciate friendliness and good service. I assume that waiters ask that question to provide better service. Maybe to let you know they’re there to help you if you need extra butter or cutlery or postcards.

And maybe some diners actually like being asked how they’re enjoying their food every 15 minutes. (Totally weird, people!)

So I’m not, like, complaining or anything. I’m just saying it’s weird. And disconcerting. I really just want to be left in peace to enjoy a romantic meal with my partner without having to periodically engage in conversation with restaurant staff.

I usually don’t tell the truth even when I think the food sucks. The most I would do is smile at the waiter and say, “It’s not bad.” I don’t want to be rude lah, and, honestly, it’s not the waiter’s fault if the food is bad.

But every time they ask me that question, I’m tempted to tell the truth when the food is really bad. But it’s not in my nature to be outwardly negative. So I would really like it if waiters stopped asking that question altogether.

Is that too much to ask?

Things that make you stop and laugh

I was at Jack’s Place last night when I overheard this dialogue at the next table where a man and his date were dining:

Waitress: Your order, please?

Man: Yes. Can you give me two spring chickens… but, er…*slight pause*… change one of them to baked potato.

The Goonfather and I couldn’t stop laughing. (Very quietly.)

We were still laughing about it 4 hours later, after dinner, after catching a play, on our way home.