Now appearing where I never appeared

I feel fortunate to have so many pairs of eyes watching for me.

My blog readers (yes, you) always spot my ads way before I do.

Which is jolly good because I seldom watch TV or read the papers so it’s virtually impossible for me to catch myself in action.

Anyway, I’ve just been informed through several channels that my Kao commercial is being aired on TV right now. The Kao Magiclean one. Yah lah, I’m an auntie again lah. What of it? Just go watch it. It’s in both English and Chinese.

Remember in my last blog I mentioned that three separate people have told me they’ve seen me in three different ads (in which I never appeared)? Two days ago, I had a fourth person telling me she saw me in yet another, totally different ad (in which I also never appeared).

Well, like, WOW. Are there really so many people in Singapore who look like me? Hmm.

It’s getting very surreal on my end. Being recognised for people whom I’m not. It’s really, really weird.

Anyway, Thank you all who enjoyed my Kao commercial and told me so. Now go buy the product! :P