Queueing should be a social activity

I had been planning to blackmail Nanny Wen into joining me at a Donut Factory queue.

She’s very easy for me to blackmail because she’s always doing naughty things that she doesn’t want the Goonfather to find out. If anyone hasn’t already figured it out, the Goonfather is Nanny Wen’s kor kor (big brother) in the “adopted” sense.

So, anyway, Wen just told me that she has a temp job starting Monday. Yech. I mean, I’m really happy for her. Having a job beats spending her entire school break watching YouTube videos and installing silly programs on the Goonfather’s computer and incurring his wrath.

But who is going to queue up for donuts with me now??

I was thinking of making it an outing. You know, queue for the sake of queueing and not entirely for the donuts. The donuts would just be a nice bonus.

I tried joining a Hello Kitty queue years ago because I thought it would be fun to do something stupid with friends. We’re only young once, you know. We started at 11pm (to queue up for the 7am opening) but the queues were already full by 11pm, can you believe that?

We literaly drove to all four corners of Singapore in search of the most remote McDonald’s outlets we could think of, but they were all full. Yes, they had barricades and signs saying “QUEUE FULL”. There were literally hundreds of people queueing at every last McDonald’s outlet in Singapore.

OMG Singaporeans. Sometimes I’m horrified to be a Singaporean. We ended our search at about 3am, after four hours of searching, disappointed. Hahaha.

Anyway, last night, I read Mooiness’s donut blog, which linked me to IZ Reloaded’s donut blog, where he had done a report on the Donut Factory queue. What a great report. It makes me want to go queue up even more.

I mean, why not? Instead of hanging out with your best pals at Starbucks, why not hang out with them in a donut queue? You could chat, catch up on each other’s lives, bond. Sure, you don’t get chairs and service. But Starbucks’ chairs suck (so hard they bruise my spine) and service is overrated. I’d really rather sit on the floor in a donut queue. BYO drinks and snacks if you must.

Isn’t that a perferctly valid way to spend an afternoon? Of course, if you’re going to be queueing alone, then that’s silly. Queueing should be a social activity. I think social queueing is a more meaningful activity than, say, couch potatoing. So people should stop giving crazy queuers (excepting crazy loner queuers) a hard time.

And now, I’ll have to go find myself another victim. Sigh.