I went for the iPhone launch…

…and decided to go home right away after seeing the insane crowd.

I started out quite excited to get my iPhone.

Arrived at Comcenter 10 minutes before launch.

Saw the queue.

It started from outside Comcentre’s main lobby, wound around the back of the building and then snaked towards the next wing, the hello! shop, and then continued past the next building.

There was an estimate of 600 people in the queue by the time the phone launched at midnight.

Some photos of the madness:

I couldn’t afford to stand around and wait in the queue for hours for my turn, so I decided to go home.

It’s freaking midnight lor… these people no need to work in the morning??

Ten minutes into the launch, the emcee interviewed the first few people in the queue, asking them what time they had started queueing.

The answer was: Since 12:30pm.

That’s 12 freaking hours standing in line!!


I’m thinking now I might want to give up my iPhone order and buy an Omnia, instead.

I survived Sitex 2007

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, Sitex. There was actually room to walk around without having to get intimate with anyone’s elbow or shoulder.

I have always tried to stay far far away from such events. I would even emigrate to Siberia if I had to, just to avoid crazy Singaporeans, because one of the scariest things in life to encounter is a Singaporean at a sale.

But sometimes I would get forcibly dragged to such an event by a geek boyfriend and I would be traumatised for the rest of the day, and I would swear never to let it happen again.

Today, for the first time in my life, I voluntarily went to Sitex. I needed to get some memory cards and check out laptops.

One of the first things I saw was a queue.

I couldn’t see the head of the queue so I didn’t know what these people were queueing for.

I asked the Goonfather, “What are they queueing for?”

“I don’t know. Do you want to queue up, too?” he asked.

“Dotdotdot,” I told him.

We continued walking around. I was looking out for booth babes to photograph but I didn’t see any.

“Sitex is boring,” I announced. “There are no booth babes. No wonder I haven’t seen any photos of Sitex babes on the net.”

“Got lah. Sitex got booth babes.”

“Where? I don’t see any.”

“You go check HardwareZone.”

Apparently, someone is very well-informed about booth babes.

“I mean in here! I don’t see any booth babes here.”

“They’re having dinner.”


Anyway, it was very very unexciting, so I kept my camera.

At closing time, we bought a laptop. From this place.

Because the evil uncle tempted us with a $160 discount if we paid by Nets.

Asus. Rock Solid. Heart Touching. (Says the company’s slogan. I always wonder about the people who come up with slogans and the people who approve them.)

We got an Asus F8Sv.

First laptop I’ve owned in my life! (Technically speaking, the Goonfather owns it cos he paid for it. But we’re sharing it. So, don’t care lah. I’m holding it, so it’s mine! Bwahahaha.)

I have felt very suaku for the longest time because I’ve never owned a laptop. But my suaku days are over! Yay!

And my SDHC memory cards! These I paid for myself, so they’re very legitimately mine!

Don’t you just love shopping? =)

Then again, I think everyone loves different things.

For instance…

Will the owner of this car please own up?!


We saw this car parked just outside Expo as we were leaving the place.

Crazy Singaporeans!

Kiasu Singaporean wannabe

Still in the spirit of Chinese New Year, I decided to do another CNYish thing: Buy a Hongbao Toto ticket.

This will be the very first time I’m buying the Hongbao Toto so it’s an event for me. Besides, I need to get a ticket for the Goonfather if I want him to win $10 million for me (since he’s not free to go queue up).

I decided to go to this Toto outlet in Yishun, listed in the Singapore Pools website as the top winning outlet in Singapore, having produced something like 18 winning tickets in all.

Yes, there are some theories on how winning outlets get that status only because stupid people like me flock there in the hopes of getting “luckier” tickets. This increases the outlet’s sales, which in turn increases its winning chances.

Balls to that, I said.

I want to be where all the kiasu people are!
I want to soak in all the kiasu CNY atmosphere before CNY ends!
And I am very prepared to queue up for it in true Singaporean fashion!!



Where the heck did all these people come from?

This was 3 pm.

You all don’t need to work one ah??

Here is what the queue looks like from a bird’s eye point of view (not to scale):

I gathered, on a very modest estimate, that there had to be at least 200 people in the queue. Maybe 300.

I really underestimated Singaporeans. I had expected maybe 50 people in the queue. The Hongbao toto is on sale for nine days altogether, so I thought the queue would be reasonably spread out over nine days, and over the thousands of outlets in Singapore.

But it seems like the whole world decided to buy tickets from this particular outlet. No wonder it keeps producing winning tickets!

Of course, the Hello Kitty queues in the year 2000 were much, much worse. But I make allowances for that because those were once-in-a-lifetime kitties. $10 million? Pfft. You get a chance to win that every single year. Big deal.

Anyway, I didn’t join in the queue. It was simply too intimidating.

I wouldn’t have minded if I could have read a book while queuing. I’m perfectly willing to stand around for hours waiting for nothing as long as I have a good book.

But because Singaporeans (especially Toto-buying ones) are a superstitious lot, I was afraid the people around me would give me the evil eye for doing an “inauspicious” activity while standing in the fortune line with them.

(For the benefit of my non-Chinese readers: “Book” in Chinese is “shu”. And “shu” also means “to lose”. So any word sounding like “shu” is automatically inauspicious.)

I had consulted the Goonfather early this morning.

I said, “Later when I go queue up for Toto, do you think if I read a book while queueing, the other people in the queue will keropok me?”

His reply was, “Why you wanna do such a thing?!?!?”


So I didn’t bring my book and I didn’t get in the queue and I didn’t buy my ticket to win $10 million.

I think I shall forget about soaking in the kiasu CNY atmosphere. Looking at today’s queue was plenty enough atmosphere for me.

Tomorrow, I will just go buy tickets from the most ulu outlet I can think of.