My personal trainer is… *beep*

It’s such a joy working out with Mr Eric Goh, California Fitness personal trainer.

He springs the most unexpected surprises, leaving you in such stunned disbelief that you momentarily forget the pain of muscle burn because what you’re feeling at the moment is to bop him in the head with your last remaining strength.

In the beginning, of course, all is peaceful and innocent.

Mr Eric Goh smiles encouragingly as he makes your legs work for their keep.

California Fitness

He counts for you patiently as you work your quadriceps.

“One… two… three….”

Soon, your quadriceps rebel. They don’t want to do anymore and they demand a hot bath with no concessions.

So you tell Eric, “Cannot already! My legs are not moving!”

But Eric continues to smile at you encouragingly.

California Fitness

He says, “You can do it. Just three more and you’re done, okay?”

You grit your teeth and tell your quadriceps, “Quit whining and just do three more, then.”

They say, “OKAY FINE,” so you proceed.

California Fitness

With all your might, you do one count and Eric counts out, “O.”

Veins bulging from your temples, you force out another, and Eric counts, “N.”

Something starts niggling at the back of your mind.

Drawing on the last bit of energy you never knew existed, you do just one more and Eric counts, “E.”

Then you burst out laughing even as you stare daggers at him: “WEI YOU CHEAT!!”

California Fitness

Eric says, “Come on, don’t stop, that’s only one. You still have two and three.”

In utter disbelief, you numbly call on your last reserves, iota by iota, and, before you know it, you’ve finished doing T, W, O and T, H, R, E, E and you can’t feel your legs anymore.

Your quadriceps finally realise that they’ve been duped. As you try to stand up from the bench, they buckle over in rebellion and reduce you to an unglorious heap on the floor.

“Wah lau kena bluff!” you protest weakly as you pant exhaustedly.

And Eric smiles at you encouragingly and says, “Now, next set!”