Sheylara invites you to wear pyjamas with her


What kind of pyjamas would you like to see me in?


Sheylara in pyjamas


Sheylara in pyjamas

Faux sexy?

Sheylara in pyjamas



Hmm… well, real sexy cannot lah. I can’t carry it off. Hahaha.

Anyway, I am going shopping for a new set of pyjamas and you will get the chance to see me wear it UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

So, I’m letting you have a say what kind of pyjamas I should buy!

Comments, comments! =)

Sheylara in pyjamas

Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned the party!

Well, it’s not really a party. It’s a Pyjamas Flash Mob at Orchard Road on June 13!!!!

I am earnestly inviting you, all of you reading this now, to come and make history with me!

Follow me!

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Why you should come:

  • Be part of a significant moment in Singapore history!
  • We can all look good together in just PYJAMAS at Orchard Road!
  • Meet famous and pretty Singapore bloggers in their pyjamas!
  • Party in your pyjamas in the middle of Orchard road!
  • Goodie bags!!!
  • Professional photographers and videographers will be there to record the event!
  • Fun blogger gathering!
  • Win Golden Village Gold Class tickets!

What’s a Flash Mob?

(In case you don’t know.) It’s a large group of people appearing at a public place to perform an unusual action, in unison, for a short time. It’s fun to watch the reaction of innocent bystanders!

Here’s one of the most famous flash mobs in the world, involving 200 people suddenly freezing in place at the crowded Grand Central Station in New York.

I never get tired of watching it!

For our event, we’re going to appear at Orchard Road to do a silent little dance. In our pyjamas!

It will be so fun.

Will you follow me?

Sheylara in pajamas

Heehee! <3

Mushroom says, “Woof!”

I’m in competition with four other bloggers to rally the most followers, so please go to this page, find my photo and follow me!

Bloggers Flash Mob

If you love my blog, now is the time to show me!

Follow Sheylara

Follow me to the event and receive the following:

  • A Nuffnang goodie bag
  • A surprise tour with celebrity bloggers
  • An even bigger SURPRISE that will be revealed at the Flash Mob itself

All following attendees will stand a chance to win one of three pairs of Golden Village Gold Class tickets!

By the way, remember the “Do Singaporeans dress badly” blog I wrote for the Nuffnang blogging contest?

This flash mob event and the contest are both precursors to something even more exciting. Aren’t you all excited now?

So, please follow me and find out what all this is leading up to… and have tons of fun along the way!

The flash mob event will take place on June 13, 2009, 5 pm to 7 pm.


And help me win this competition, okay? =) Get all your friends and family members to join in!! I’ll see you at the party!

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