GGF#32: Crazy, hilarious, fun, awesome vids

[Gamer Girl Friday]

I made quite a number of incriminating videos recently, effectively destroying all my friends’ reputations. I think it’s pretty neat of them not to have already sent me lawyer letters. That’s why I love them, ay?

So I thought I’d make GGF today a video issue. I have a great selection of vids here. Take your time to watch ’em. You’ve got the whole weekend! And I hope you have a happy one! :)


Table of Contents

  1. Battle of the Lips
  2. Destroying good songs with SingStar
  3. Cosplaying Rock Band
  4. Who can sing worse than him?
  5. Sheylara the Alien Queen
  6. Cutest gamer girl ever
  7. Musical genius plays Wind Waker
  8. Result of last week’s contest


Battle of the Lips

I posted this in my recent Star Blog but I know some of you don’t like to go there so here’s the video for your benefit! It’s a video montage of our wild gaming session of Lips during Christmas. (Different from the ones I posted last week.)

By the way, Lips will be launching together with Scene It? in Singapore next weekend! Head over to Xbox Xperience Zones on Jan 10 and 11, 2009 (11 am to 5 pm) to enjoy the launch activities or take part in the Top Idol or Movie Guru competitions!

Just walk in on those days to sign up!

XXZs are located at Challenger, Funan and Best Denki, VivoCity.

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Destroying good songs with SingStar

After our Lips party, my friends got into a singing craze and one of them bought SingStar Vol. 2.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know many of the songs in there. And the rules of the game took a bit getting used to.

Watch how they butchered the songs and argued with each other. (I had to download a censor beep for this video. Haha!)

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Cosplaying Rock Band

Remember the Nuffnang Christmas party I just attended? We went back to play Rock Band 2 after the party, still in our costumes!

The music in this video is Uno by Muse but that’s not a Rock Band song. I just happen to love that song so wanted to use it for something. Heh.

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Who can sing worse than him?


It’s of my friend Morte singing really badly and making everyone go crazy with laughter.

Listen to the conversations cos they’re funny and watch till the end for the punchline!

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Sheylara the Alien Queen

Here’s another movie trailer made from You’re in the Movies on the Xbox 360, featuring me as an evil alien invader.

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Cutest gamer girl ever

This isn’t one of my videos, but reader terboo shared this with me recently and I simply must share it with everyone else.

This is the most awesomest little girl in the whole wide world! She amazes me! She’s so cute I want to kidnap her home!

Little bit of background, from the video description in YouTube. Her name is Melodie and she’s one year old. It only took a few days for her parents to go through the cards with her and she remembers them all!

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Musical genius plays Wind Waker

My bro (not real) Swordplay sent me this vid.

It’s not exactly a game thing but the guy is playing a soundtrack from a popular game (Legend of Zelda) so it’s kinda relevant.

He is really amazing. I wish I had that kind of talent And he looks pretty cute, too! ;)

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Result of last week’s contest

Technically, the contest was two weeks ago cos I didn’t have a contest last week. So, anyway, I’ve got a winner!!

Three people got all correct answers so I had to put them into the random roll.

The toughest question was, of course, how many games there are in this pile:

The answer is 17!!

And the winner is neghxanys!!! Hooray! Please e-mail me to claim your prize!

(Sorry, I know I still owe prizes to people from the last few contests. I will mail them out soon, I promise!)

neghxanys wins a 3-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription card! WOW!

Incidentally, I also love his answer to this question:

Q: How will you use the Xbox 360 to save the world?

A: Drop it on a cheerleader’s stalker’s head. Save the cheerleader, Save the world. :D

Made me laugh! Way to go, pal!

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And now… for my 2009 resolution.

This is the very first resolution I’m making since I was, like, 14 or something. (I don’t believe in resolutions as a rule.)


I hope you will all share this resolution with me.

Happy 2009! =)

Gamer Girl Friday signing out.

[Gamer Girl Friday]

GGF#16: The biggest issue ever

[Gamer Girl Friday]

The Force Unleashed was supposed to be this week’s main story. I was going to do a comparison between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. But then, a series of annoying things happened:

  1. The PS3 demo refused to be downloaded. After 72 hours of downloading, it was still at 60%.
  2. My camera broke a few days ago so I couldn’t film the gameplay like I normally do. I had to use my TV capture device, instead, which is very troublesome because I have to tweak my TV to run at a gimpy 480p before the card would acknowledge it).
  3. After spending hours editing the footage and rendering it, the AVI playback was wonky. Then I found out that the raw footage itself was wonky. The audio and video tracks do not sync and each time you play it, it’s different.
  4. I tried rendering the video a few times, but they all end up with parts that skip back to replay a random segment, making the video very schizophrenic.
  5. I spent two more fruitless hours trying to get it right but it refused to cooperate, so I gave up.

I had to give it up or GGF#16 would never see the light of day.

One reason for the faulty video could be that the raw footage is too big (1.2GB for a 28-min video) for my PC to manage, but I think my PC is quite decent with 2GB ram and a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU running SATA Raid HDDs of 320GB each.

But I’m not a video editing professional and I don’t know how to fix the problem, so no TFU videos today!

That’s alright, though. Today’s big bumper issue should be able to sufficiently distract you.


Table of Contents

  1. Halo Wars redefines the Halo universe
  2. The Force Unleashed is too awesome
  3. What if you were The Last Guy on earth?
  4. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise4
  5. Tales of Vesperia almost here
  6. Soul Calibur IV costume contest
  7. Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  8. I’m playing Warhammer Online. Are you?
  9. Results of last week’s contest
  10. Ask the Goonfather
  11. Mystery giveaway coming up soon!


Halo Wars redefines the Halo universe

The Halo series, one of the most popular series on the Xbox 360, will come newly-incarnated next year as Halo Wars.

Ensemble Studios, which brought us the well-loved Age of Mythology and Age of Empires series, have spent the last four years developing an RTS game worthy of the Halo universe.

It’s no easy task. No game developer has yet been able to revolutionise the console industry by making the D-pad work on RTS as well as on keyboard and mice. But from what I’ve seen on Halo Wars, it appears that Emsemble Studios is on the right track.

Harter Ryan, the executive producer for Halo Wars, was in Singapore recently to demo the game in an exclusive preview session.

Harter Ryan of Ensemble Studios

Actually, it was just yesterday.

We were shown the game and given a chance to play it.

Halo Wars demo at the Xbox room in Microsoft Singapore

One of the journalists asked why the UNSC seemed overpowered against the Covenant and Harter admitted with a laugh that the preview build was purposely made to give journalists an easy time playing the game, because the main purpose is to show off all the cool features of the game.

He assured us that the final build will be very balanced.

But I like it easy. It’s funny watching the Covenant base blow up into smithereens while its helpless infantry fire at my army with ineffectual artillery.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Halo Wars screenshot

Halo Wars screenshot

Halo Wars screenshot

Halo Wars screenshot

Halo Wars screenshot

Halo Wars screenshot

Looks pretty cool, huh?

In the final product, you’ll be able to play co-op or versus modes in sessions hosting up to six players.

Although not as handy as playing RTS on the PC, the controls are pretty intuitive and suitably comfortable.

You can make Spartans (up to three) and get your Spartan to hijack an enemy tank. That was pretty cool to watch. After the Spartan hops onto the tank, he will start monkeying about, wrestling the enemy tank commander and then throwing him out of the vehicle. Haha! And then the vehicle will change colour to reflect your army’s colour!

We tried the co-op mode. It was fun! I like having a partner to play with so he can make all the tough decisions. I’m quite peace-loving, you know. I just like to build things and will tend to forget to attack my enemy unless the threat comes to my doorstep.

Sheylara plays Halo Wars

Keep your eyes on my face.

I was wearing shorts okay. They just happened to be very, um, short.

Oh, check out my cap! It’s a Halo Wars UNSC cap.

The Goonfather confiscated it when I brought it back, so I can’t give it away, lol. You can ask him if he wants to give it away. Haha.

Halo Wars will be released for the Xbox 360 in the first half of 2009. For now, here’s a trailer you can dig into:

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The Force Unleashed is too awesome

I wanted to show you the video of the gameplay, but I can’t, so I’ll just talk about it.

It’s really awesome. There’s something very satisfying about destroying enemies without having to use a weapon. Without having to even touch them physically, in fact.

That, I think, is the largest appeal of The Force Unleashed. You play Darth Vader’s apprentice, ordered to cause havoc to the universe with your force powers.

How awesome!

The Force Unleashed screenshot

I found it a little hard to hover enemies with precision before smashing them at chosen spots because you have to use both thumbsticks to move your target around. But I guess it’s something that will come naturally after some practice.

There are infinite possibilities for using the force! Pick up a droid and smash it at a stormtrooper. Pick up the stormtrooper and hurl him over the railings to fall to his death. Pick up a stormtrooper and make him airsick by turning him round and round in the air. Pick up a very large random object and smash it into an army of stormtroopers.

It’s like being a kid at a candy store. There’s so much damage you can do and so many ways to do it that you’ll go nuts.

Check out the official website for info and videos, if you haven’t already.

While waiting for TFU to come out on all the major consoles and handhelds in mid September, you can get into the mood first with TFU on your mobile phone.

If you have an N-Gage enabled Nokia phone, you can start playing it next week!

The Force Unleashed on Nokia N-Gage

It’s a very different gameplay from the console versions but it’s the same storyline and music and everything.

Because of the limitations of a mobile phone, the game has been simplified into making patterns with your keypad. So, like, each enemy will have a certain pattern next to him. You’ll have to “draw” the pattern to kill him before he kills you.

There are also patterns you have to memorise to perform ad hoc actions such as healing yourself or force pushing an object out of the way.

The action can get quite frantic, especially when you have a zillion patterns on the screen and you have to decide which enemy to destroy first.

Something to consider if you’re a Star Wars fan.

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What if you were the last guy on earth?

Okay, you won’t exactly be the last guy, but you’d be the last sane guy on earth. Your mission is to save endless hordes of rabid, screaming people from zombies. If you don’t, they’ll all get eaten by the zombies and then you’d really be the last guy on earth.

The Last Guy is an arcade-style game available for download on the PlayStation 3. It’s a Snake-meets-Pac-Man sort of game.

So, you’re this guy running about in the city. Your job is to collect people. They’ll follow you once you pick them up so you’ve got a line of screaming people running behind you, getting longer and longer.

The Last Guy

You have to avoid zombies. The zombies don’t exactly eat your people when they collide, but they will scatter them up. Your people will shriek their heads off, break the line and run off in a zillion directions so you’ll have to collect them all over again. Annoying!

You have a time limit to collect a minimum number of people and bring them to a safe zone.

This game will make you schizophrenic with the speedy action and the screaming people. The zombies move slower than you do, but they’re everywhere and it’s really hard to avoid them when you’ve got a long train of panicky peeps trailing behind you.

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Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

For the record, I haven’t played any of the earlier Viva Piñata games but I was given a copy of Trouble in Paradise yesterday, so I tried it out.

Viva Pinata box

What a cute game! I felt like I was playing SimGarden. The premise is that Piñata Central’s computer records have been wiped by evil ruffians, which threaten the happiness of parties all over the world. So your job is to make a beautiful garden to attract cute piñatas, and then nurture them into full candiosity to send out to parties.

The thing I like most about the game is the cute piñatas. They’re really very cute, whether they’re roaming about your garden, sleeping, or making babies. Yeah! You can manipulate a pair of same-species piñatas into falling in love and making babies. Haha.

Viva Pinata screenshot

This is a photo I took right off my TV using a phone camera. Trying to take a good photo of them is like trying to take a good photo of toddlers. They just refuse to stay still! You spend a lot of time zooming in and out and twirling perspectives to get a nice framing, and then the piñatas either look away or walk away. Damn things!!

But they’re so cute I forgive them.

Viva Pinata screenshot

I don’t have much patience decorating a garden (I’m not really a plants and garden sort of person) so my garden turned out looking really ugly because I was planting stuff all over the place without much thought.

Viva Pinata screenshot

Trouble in Paradise has a multiplayer option but I haven’t had a chance to try it out since the game hasn’t been officially released yet and there’s no one to play with. (It will be out on Sep 2 in Singapore.)

Special piñatas cards will be made available which give you exclusive piñatas when you scan the cards with your Xbox LIVE vision camera.

Each game comes with one card!

Viva Pinata box

I’m looking forward to exploring the multiplayer elements after the game’s release.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise is an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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Tales of Vesperia almost here

Besides Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, I also received Tales of Vesperia yesterday. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to play it.

So, all I can do is show you some photos of the box and the manual, sorry.

Tales of Vesperia box

Tales of Vesperia box

Tales of Vesperia box

Tales of Vesperia manual

Tales of Vesperia manual

Tales of Vesperia manual

Tales of Vesperia includes an offline multiplay feature for battle scenes for up to four players. The game will be officially released in Singapore on Sep 4.

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Soul Calibur IV costume contest

I know you’ve been having a blast making all sorts of outrageous costumes for your Soul Calibur IV characters. Now it’s time to show off your creativity!

Soul Calibur IV poster

I’m running a Soul Calibur IV costume contest over at my Xbox blog, so do check it out!

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village

This is an old game (there’s even a sequel already) for the Nintendo DS but I’m featuring it because I just discovered it.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Hot Mama (and evil temptress) Shelly recommended Professor Layton and the Curious Village to me after recommending Weffriddles, which I mentioned last week.

Thanks to her, I lost a few nights of sleep playing this game way beyond socially-accepted waking hours.

I love this game, which is why I need to talk about it despite probably half of you already having played it. The other half haven’t and they need to know about it!

It’s a game of puzzles. In the game, you’re a professor who got invited to a curious village to solve a curious mystery. While you go about looking for clues, more mysteries pop up and you have to solve those, too.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

While solving those greater mysterious, you’re constantly put to the test with quick puzzles, most of which test your IQ and maths as well as your ability to look at things from different perspectives.

There are 135 puzzles in this first installment, not counting the bonus ones you can download.

Here are some sample puzzles:


Professor Layton and the Curious Village


Professor Layton and the Curious Village


Professor Layton and the Curious Village

And here’s the answer to the puzzle I set out yesterday.

The puzzle:


The answer:


You can get the answer by looking at your keyboard. The bite marks tell you where to look! So, like, G has a bite mark above it, so look at the key above G… which it T! Get it? :)

Highlight the space above to see the answer.

Hope you like these puzzles as much as I do!

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I’m playing Warhammer Online. Are you?

Just thought I should let you guys know that I’ve bought a Collector’s Edition copy of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It’s like the biggest MMORPG since WoW, so I bought it even though I knew I wouldn’t have time to play it.

Warhammer Online Collector's Edition

The game launches officially on Sep 17, but CE owners can start playing the Open Beta on Sep 7, and then get a few-day headstart in the live game. Woot!

Then again, even if you give me one year headstart, I’ll still be lousier than you considering the amount of time I have to play MMORPGs, which is none. A case in point is Age of Conan. Three months after activating my AoC account, my character is still at level 10. LOL. (The account is still active as we speak. I’ll have to remember to cancel it soon.)

Anyway, here’s a funny quiz WAR fans can do while waiting for the game to release.

Warhammer Online Quiz

It tells you what realm and race you’re most affiliated with!

I got Empire, which is the human goody-two-shoes type. Haha.

I will be playing in the realm of Destruction (a guild decision) on the server Darklands (tentative).

Are you playing?

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Results of last week’s contest

Last week’s giveaway of the very coveted item of a Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000 attracted many potential happy owners, which significantly reduced everyone’s chances.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000

But, well, that’s life. If you don’t win today, you’ll win another day if you keep at it. It took Sylvester Stallone 10 years to sell his first Rocky script and star in it, did you know?

So, anyway, Randomiser picks #15 as the winner today.

I should be evil and make you go check last week’s post to find out who’s #15 yourself. More exciting, no?

But, nah. I shan’t do that because I’m not as evil as temptress Shelly, so I shall name the winner. It’s… Numby!

Ding Gratz! You get the LifeCam! Will contact you via e-mail soon as I get a moment.

(Or you winners can actually contact me, instead, to make life easier for me. If not, I have to go search through my database to find your e-mail address. :P)

Alrighty. Till the next giveaway!

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Ask the Goonfather

Sheylara is taking a break from answering questions here because her paying job of answering questions on Xbox LIVE is tiring her out.

So, the Goonfather is taking over the Q&A segment in GGF indefinitely (until I feel ready to take over again).

The Goonfather is Sheylara’s goon partner (not father!) and he’s a huge gaming buff with more knowledge on games than Sheylara, so please throw all your questions at him!

You can also ask him stupid non-gaming related questions because he likes to be amused. Just don’t piss him off or you’ll never live to tell your children about it.

Please e-mail all questions to:

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Mystery giveaway coming up soon!

I will be announcing a contest on Monday which will interest both gamers and non-gamers and involve several winners (not just one). Because of that, the contest will be slightly harder than just posting a comment, but it’ll be worth it.

So, watch out for it!! Akan Datang!! :)

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Woah! What a big issue today! Don’t you hate it when they release stuff all at once? Well, no rest for gamers all over the world. Keep gaming, and don’t lose the passion!

Gamer Girl Friday signing out.

[Gamer Girl Friday]

GGF#8: Initial D comes to the PS3!!

[Gamer Girl Friday]

When the Goonfather first tried to persuade me to watch Initial D, the anime series, with him, I was like, “Eew, I don’t want to watch a stupid racing car anime. How boring!”

So he watched it himself (in fact, at that time, he was watching Season 1 for the third time), although he very cunningly watched it while I was in the same room.

Once in a while, I would accidentally catch a glimpse of it.

Gradually, the accidental glimpses turned to cursory glances. Then they turned to lingering looks. Next thing I knew, I was sitting beside him watching the damn thing.

Once I bit into the hook and couldn’t wiggle my way out of the couch, I made him start watching from episode 1 all over again so I could enjoy the series from the beginning.

Yes, it’s that good. But I’m not here to talk about anime. I’m here to rave over the latest game release from SEGA — Initial D: Extreme Stage for the PS3.

Very nice!


Table of Contents

  1. Initial D: Extreme Stage (PS3) gameplay
  2. Initial D: Extreme Stage (PS3) review
  3. Thrashed by a 10-year-old in soccer
  4. Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 7
  5. Last week’s giveaway winner
  6. Ask Sheylara
  7. Who wants a Blue Dragon faceplate?


Initial D: Extreme Stage (PS3) gameplay

Fresh from the store! So fresh the paint on the cover is still drying! I mean the game.

Here’s a video captured while I was playing it last night. Watch the intro, too! It’s so good!!

Let it load up while you read the review below!

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Initial D: Extreme Stage review

Yes, the game is only available in Japanese but you totally do not need to understand the language to have a lot of fun playing it.

Platform: PS3
Language: Japanese
Manual: English
Require Knowledge of Japanese Language: No
Region Code: 3 (Asia)
Player: 1
Dual Shock 3 Support: Yes
Steering Wheel Support: Driving Force Ex, Driving Force Pro, partially G25

SEGA has been kind enough to include English translations in the manual for us plebians.

The only downside to not knowing Japanese is that you won’t understand and enjoy the conversations in story mode.

Not a biggie, in my opinion. You can always watch the anime, which has enough story in all four seasons to satisfy the child in you.

Initial D: Extreme Stage was released only yesterday, so I’ve had limited time to test it out, but my immediate opinion is that it’s worth the buy for Initial D or drifting fans.

(As a pure racing game, it lacks features, but Initial D is not a racing game per se, it’s a drift game! If you’re not into drifting, then you won’t want to play this, if you get my drift.)

Similar to the arcade version of the game, players can customise their characters and cars.

I don’t particularly like the way the characters look, but that’s how they look in the original manga so I’ll just have to live with it.

You can tweak stuff like skin tone, eyes and lips, but they still end up looking as lame as they came.

But never mind the avatars. The main point of this game is the cars. Choose from a range of Japanese makes (Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Initial D) and models.

Yes, there’s a make called Initial D. Haha. Very cute. It has only one model, though, the Sil-80.

Next step, create a license plate.

Then, select a race course.

Followed by an opponent.

There are seven courses available at the start, each attached with its own opponents (just like in the anime)!

After each race, you get points whether or not you win. Of course, go for gold to get more points. These precious points allow you to pimp your ride in the tuning shop. Just like any other racing game, I suppose.

I like the replay feature in this game (you can watch it in the video posted above). The entire match is replayed in different angles right after you win a race.

If you feel that you’ve put in such a rousing performance that you simply must show it off to your pals or to a chick you’re trying to impress (although that’s kinda iffy because chicks don’t generally get impressed by videogame driving), you can save your replay clip for future reference.

Well, it’s a very simple, straight-forward game.

But it’s Initial D. That makes it great, instantly.

Unfortunately, there’s no online play. And it’s only available for the PS3. And is only sold in Asia.

But it’s Initial D.

Enough said.

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Thrashed by a 10-year-old in soccer

Well, you can’t exactly blame me. I’ve never played a soccer game in my life. I’ve never even played real soccer.

These 10-year-olds, they’re pros with consoles. They’ve got lots of time to practise when they come home from school.

Me, the only practice I get a lot of is sitting on my butt and wearing out my keyboard.

So, this was at the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament last Saturday, organised by Adidas.

I was invited to take part in the tournament because I’m Gamer Girl Friday.

I said, “Yes, I may be Gamer Girl Friday, but I don’t play soccer games.”

“Never mind,” they said. “Just come and play for fun.”

“I’ll get thrashed in the first 10 seconds and totally embarrass myself.”

“That’s alright.”

Of course, it’s alright for you.

But never let it be said that Sheylara is a wet blanket. Sheylara is game for any game, any time!

So, off I went to play soccer.

Ten minutes before the tournament was slated to start, I found myself a coach.

Wilfred from Adidas gave me a five-minute crash course on button mashing, after which he set me up for a practice match with this little boy who just happened to be there.

I don’t know how old this boy is, so I’m just generalising that he’s 10 years old because it’s a good round figure. He could be 12 or 15, who knows?

He totally thrashed me. The score was like 4-0, two minutes into the game.

I was so traumatised that I went running to Eunice to cry on her shoulder.

We ended up camwhoring, of course.

Soon after, the tournament started. My name was called in the very first round! Stress!

And guess who my first opponent was.

The very same boy who was my practice partner just a while ago! What are the odds, really, out of like 100 participants?

Check out my stressed expression!

The official tournament match lasted 10 minutes. My fingers nearly broke at the end of it.

I did better this time, though. At the end of 10 minutes, the score was 3-0.

I congratulated the boy for getting into the next round and took a picture with him.

After that, I went to hug the giant football for comfort and to see if I might not metaphysically absorb the power of the great football spirit, which might turn me into an instant football pro.

Not very high odds on that, but you never know.

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Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 7

After doing a series of quests to help her find her destiny, Sheylara the barbarian girl became very stressed.

Her destiny mentor told her, “Now, you must pass the most gruesome test of all. You must wear ugly, ill-fitting rags!”

Sheylara stared at her in confusion.

“You must be brave and do this. Only then can you find yourself.”

Sheylara blinked in dismay.

“No more bikinis?”

“No more. These clothes, although ugly, give you better stats, anyway. And you do need them because I’m sending you out on more suicide missions.”

So, Sheylara embarked on the next phase of her miserable life.

Her first mission was to chat up the city drunkard without getting puke all over herself.

Then, she had to brave the cold night and climb a mountain to pick some stupid flowers.

For once, she was glad for her ugly rags.

She had to save an old man from a bunch of town bullies, for which she reflected that doing in bikini might have been more effective because it’s always more effective to be wearing a bikini when you’re dealing with a bunch of rowdy barbarian men.

Then, there was a… um… courtesan that she had to seduce, which she thought was a rather stupd thing to ask her to do. But the world never makes sense, anyway.

There were also plenty of bloody fights. Too many of them, in fact.

At the end of it all, she was so bone-weary she had to scream.

“Well done!!” said her destiny mentor. “Even though you did die several times, I’m proud that you eventually completed all your quests!!”

“I will give you a present to reward you for your great work! You can now wear this skirt instead of that ugly pair of baggy pants!”

Sheylara looked at her new skirt and let out an inaudible sigh.

“Great, just what I needed.”

(To be continued…)

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Last week’s giveaway winner

This was quite a tough one to decide, which is suprising considering that there were only six valid entries. (Why ah? The prize too small? Hehe.)

I asked readers to tell me what they like and don’t like about Gamer Girl Friday and I was going to pick my favourite entry to win this keychain.

To be honest, many of your comments confused me, specifically regarding the barbarian girl story. Some of you listed that item as both a plus and a minus. What is this, like, describing a girlfriend? I love her but I hate her.

Of course, there are those who either purely like it or purely hate it, and that’s fine.

All the same, thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I appreciate even those who confused me. I know you don’t mean to, so maybe it’s just me being too dumb and sleep-deprived to decipher your meaning.

Still, I have to pick a winner.

And the winner is…


(Hey, like, I can do that for real!! I’m a drummer!! :P)


(The problem now being that your name is so short that it totally anti-climaxes the announcement! =P)

But, yes, aig gets the keychain because he gave me constructive suggestions without being cryptic about it.

Please give him applause!

Okay, to end this, I do take all your suggestions to heart, but I may not implement them right away because of various limitations. Taking baby steps to improve, can?

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Ask Sheylara

Ask me any gaming-related questions! Post them in the comments or e-mail me, I don’t really care. I will try to answer all questions (unless I get like 500 questions a day).

quigonjinn42 asks a question about this video:

How have you done a dual monitor setup? AoC’s window is not resizable oO… Have you got DualMonitor from Matrox?

Sheylara Says:

No, I haven’t got DualMonitor. What you need to do is tweak some settings outside of AoC.

I’m using NVIDIA 8800 GT, so I go to NVIDIA control panel and select the Display folder. In there, I choose the option “As one large horizontal desktop”. This forces every application I use on my comp to think that both my monitors are only one monitor. So, yes, AoC is forced to play across both screens!

Not sure why anyone would want to play an MMORPG on dual screen, though. It’s a bit annoying because your avatar is split in two.

The Goonfather asks a trick question:

You can only choose one: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, NDS, Goonfather. Which would you choose and why.

Sheylara Says:

Er… I choose the PSWii60!

Haha! Incidentally, PSWii60 was the Goonfather’s nick on MSN back at the time when he was torn between all the consoles. I think it’s a good choice!

Okay la okay la. I choose the Goonfather because he doesn’t run out of batteries, doesn’t get RROD, doesn’t cost money to maintain (buy new games), doesn’t make me lose sleep trying to beat the next level and, best of all, the Goonfather feeds me barbeque chicken wings.

Dexter Tiah asks an Xbox 360 question:

Recently, when I was playing a game on my Xbox 360, the screen shut off and the player 1 and player 3 light flashed red. This not only applied to my Winning Eleven game, but other games like PGR4 also caused the same effect when I played, barely 3 mins into the game.

Can I know what is the problem, in your opinion? I have a suspicion it’s the xbox rings of death or something. Is there anything I can do to correct it?

Sheylara Says:

The famed Xbox Red Ring of Death is indicated by at least three quadrants lighting up in red. If there are two reds, it’s most likely just a routine overheating problem. I guess the best immediate fix would be to turn off your system and go do something else first.

There’s a famous towel fix for the RROD which tons of people swear by, but I really won’t recommend that.

What I would recommend is that you place your Xbox 360 in a well-ventilated area or even aim a fan at it while you’re playing.

If you still keep getting red lights for no apparent reason, it’s best that you call the Xbox Singapore Customer Care toll free hotline at 800 448 1330 (Mon—Fri, 9am—6pm). More efficient to have a trained technician walk you through a fix!

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Who wants a Blue Dragon faceplate?

Yeah, I know the game is pretty old but I have this Xbox 360 faceplate sitting around at home, not being used. Never used, so it’s still brand spanking new.

I think it’s looks cool and sort of cute, and it’s an original limited edition Xbox 360 Blue Dragon faceplate, so I believe there will be people who want this!

Post a comment if you want it (before next Friday). I will do a lucky draw!

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are a few other games I wanted to talk about this week, such as Happy Tree Friends False Alarm (Xbox 360), Guitar Hero Aerosmith (PS3), Guitar Hero on Tour (DS), Trauma Center 2 (DS). But, to be honest, I don’t really want to talk about games unless I’ve played them, and I haven’t had time to play them this week.

From the start, I meant for Gamer Girl Friday to be very personal, to share my personal experiences in gaming and my personal likes and dislikes.

So, I know you guys want to read about more games, so I will try and play more games so I can talk about more games in the coming weeks and in the future!

Meanwhile, feel free to suggest games you want me to play and talk about! :)

Oh, yes. To my American readers, happy Independence Day!

[Gamer Girl Friday]

Pure camwhore

Once upon a time, four friends decided last minute to go to MOS (Ministry of Sound) on a Saturday night.

Except that two friends had to go home to change first, so the other two, namely Sheylara and the Goonfather, went in first to see if they could get a table.

It was Sheylara’s first time to MOS and she had to try very hard not to look too impressed or everyone would think she’s a nerd or something.

Of course, it was only 9:30 pm, so the only folks there to judge her were empty tables and chairs. And maybe bored waiters hiding in the shadows, dreading the impending wave of mayhem that would wash over them in about two hours.

Sheylara liked the main hall in MOS. It was very tastefully decorated. But all the tables were reserved.

She liked the retro disco funk room. It was very pretty. But all the tables were reserved.

She liked the hip hop room. It was very death grungy. But all the tables were reseved.

She liked the ladies’ room. It had a big mirror in it. But there were no tables in there.

Then, she and the Goonfather passed by a room with a closed door.

“Pssst!” said a man in black.

Surprised, they turned to look at him.

“Come in…” said the man invitingly, almost seductively.

“What’s in there?” asked Sheylara.

“Why don’t you come in and see for yourself?” said the man teasingly.

Actually, Sheylara already knew about the room because there was a sign at the door saying “PURE” and she had read about it in blogs. People like to hold parties in there, apparently.

They went in.

Sheylara liked the PURE room. It was very… pure. All the tables were free.

And all the tables looked like giant Panadol pills.

Which might help if one were to get prematurely hungover.

So Sheylara and the Goonfather settled down in the PURE room and the man in black looked very happy. It looked like he doesn’t get very much patronage for his room.

After ordering drinks, the Goonfather whipped out his PSP and started playing.


Sheylara didn’t bring her DS because damn clubbing handbags are too small to fit anything in.

So she took out her camera and started engaging in the only activity available to her at the moment, besides trying to get herself drunk on wimpy screwdrivers sitting on giant panadols.

The Goonfather spent the next hour and a half playing PSP.

Sheylara spent the next hour and a half taking photographs of herself. It was really fun because the light changed colours every few seconds.

It was fun doing United Colours of Sheylara.

Normal Sheylara

Red Sheylara

Pink Sheylara

Green Sheylara

Purple Sheylara

Magenta Sheylara

Green Sheylara

Camwhoring is obviously a very tiring activity. After 1.5 hours of making smilies at the camera, Sheylara got really tired.

She excused herself (to no one in particular since the only people in the room at the moment were a PSP addict and bored waiters) and went to the little ladies’ room.

Sheylara taking a break

By the time she returned to PURE, her errant friends had arrived.

The Goonfather was still playing his PSP.

Errant friend #2 was taking a nap.

PURE was still very empty.

More camwhoring happened in the next hour while the men were otherwisely occupied.

When Sheylara’s camera ran out of space and battery juice, the girls decided that they were hungry and because lousy MOS didn’t serve food, they left the club in search of sustenance.

After a heavy supper at Hooters, everyone went home.

How fun was that.

GGF#7: Games to play this week

[Gamer Girl Friday]

Welcome to another edition of Gamer Girl Friday! To those of you who have been supporting this little project of mine (silently or vocally), thank you very much! The reason I’m still going strong is you!

I haven’t had much of grand editorial plan for GGF so far. Like, I don’t plan my issues ahead and I just kinda write whatever appeals to me at the moment.

So, I know I’m not producing the best work I can, but I can only get better with your help.

Writing quality content, while having fun doing it, is my ultimate goal.

Thank you for being with me on my journey!


Table of Contents

  1. Have you created your Spore?
  2. Playing Battlefield: Bad Company
  3. Don’t play this alone in the dark
  4. Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 6
  5. Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card goes to…
  6. Ask Sheylara
  7. Want a cool PS3 keychain?


Have you created your Spore?

Hewwo! I’m a cute purple blob!

Bweek! Fweek!

Oooh! My creator just gave me pincers!

I look weird. =(

Snip snip!

Yippeee! I have eyes and legs!! And a tail!

Look ma! Hands!!!

Oh, OOH! We’re going into the painting room next!

Aww, why am I still purple? I like yellow!

Aniwehs, I love being a freak!

Oookies. You can go to EA to download the client to make your own freak!

Like, you can stick body parts anywhere on your blob and adjust sizes and angles for everything! You can give your creature a zillion eyes if you want to!

I’m glad I don’t have a zillion eyes. I wouldn’t know what to do with them.

I can be found in the game called Spore, created by The Sims creator Will Wright! But the game won’t be released till September. =(

Aww, don’t be sad. I will dance for you, okie?

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Playing Battlefield: Bad Company

Pretty cool game. There’s a lot of humour in the cutscenes and the gameplay dialogue. Funny storyline. Feels like you’re watching a movie. Nice graphics, with cinematic effects at times.

Here’s a video of the demo gameplay, played by the Goonfather.

Yup, it’s as good as the reviews are saying!

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Don’t play this alone in the dark

Because, as the game title suggests, you’re Alone in the Dark. And playing this game alone in the dark is going to be freaky, especially when zombies jump out of nowhere to try and eat you.

I uploaded a funny video of it more than two months ago. (Filmed it at the Xbox 360 party where we were given a sneak preview of the game.)

It has finally launched (only on the Xbox 360 for now) and I am alerted to that fact by the sudden influx of comments I’m getting in YouTube for the video.

So, I’m embedding it once more for my newer readers. It’s worth a look because it’s a funny video to the theme of “pwned by a zombie chick”!

Anyone getting the game?

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 6

Sheylara couldn’t wait to bop enemies on the head with her new hammer.

“HWAH!! Come to momma!”

Excitedly, she wandered off in search of an enemy.

The ditzy barbarian girl came upon a one-armed man who looked rather like a statue.

“Hi!” Sheylara said chirpily. “Are you an enemy?”

“Um, no,” said the man. “Why should I be an enemy?”

“Aww, are you sure you’re not an enemy?”

“Quite sure.”

“Are you very, very, absolutely sure?”

“Lady, see here now! I’m a one-armed man who looks rather like a statue, for goodness’ sake! Why would I be your enemy??”

“I don’t know. I just thought, maybe.”

“I quite assure you that I’m not an enemy.”

“Alright, then.”

Dejectedly, Sheylara wandered off to see if she might not find an enemy before too long.

Soon, she came upon a muscular red-haired man.

“Are you an enemy?” Sheylara asked doubtfully.

“Nope,” said the man. “I am the famous Captain Redrik, scourge of the southern coasts. If I have slain one of yer loved ones and it’s revenge ye seek, then a duel to yer death it is!”

“Well, you didn’t exactly…”

“If ye have business with me, speak!”


Fortunately for Sheylara, she possessed at least half an ounce of brain matter, which advised her that she’d better leave well (and beefy captains) alone.

She decided to get on with seeking her destiny, as the lady in white in the previous episode had told her.

As she plodded along in search of the island in the south, a dodgy character pssted her.


“What’s with this city and psst?” asked Sheylara rhetorically.

“Lady,” said a man with a strange cape that covered his chin and a bit of his nose.

“Hi,” Sheylara responded.

“I am Idogbe. Heard of me?”


“Aww, dang,” lamented the man. “Do you think I should start a blog? Bloggers seem to get famous quite easily these days.”

“I suppose,” said Sheylara. “I will read your blog if you tell me where the island is.”

“Awesome! The harbor is just right there! Leave comments, too, will ya?”

“Sure, if I’m not too busy. I gotta find some enemies to bop on the head, as you can tell, seeing as I got a bigass hammer and all.”

So, off to the harbor Sheylara went. She spotted a grouchy guard standing guard.

“Oh, hello!” she waved.

The guard ignored her.

“Hellooooo,” waved Sheylara again. “Tell me about the harbor!”

“Harbor’s not your business, stranger. Leave me alone.”

Sheylara considered momentarily hitting the surly guard over the head with her hammer, then thought better of it. He did have a silly-looking spiky thing on his head and she didn’t want to break her new hammer.

“You people in this city aren’t very friendly,” she told the guard. “I shan’t bother with the lot of you anymore!”

It was then that the disillusioned barbarian girl decided it was a good time to go for a midnight swim.

After all, what was a swimsuit for if not for swimming in?

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” she cried to no one in particular and jumped into the water.

“Ahhhhhh,” Sheylara luxuriated, all the stresses of the day washing off her.

She swam and swam.

And swam.

And enjoyed the caressing waters.

And swam.

And suddenly found herself on an island.

“Ooh, I found my island!”

First order of business was to take some touristy camwhore photos.

“Nice! Now, what shall I do on this island?”

Wandering around, she spotted an old man sitting by a campfire.

“Ooh, maybe that’s an enemy I can try my hammer on!

Happily, she ran towards the old man.

“Are you an enemy?” she asked.

Startled out of his reverie, the old man said, “Of course not, you dumb blonde. Now sit down and listen to my story because I’m part of your destiny quest.”

“Oh, alright.”

While listening to a somewhat long and tedious story, Sheylara camwhored. She was kinda getting into it.

Before long, the storytelling old man lulled her into a drowsy daze and she eventually fell into a dreamless slumber, all thoughts of quests and hammers and camwhoring forgotten.

Once again, Sheylara wasted another episode of Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian not doing anything very exciting, but that’s the way the story goes.

At least, she felt, her life is a little bit more fun than that of the old man whose grandfather story put her to sleep.

(To be continued next week…)

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card goes to…

Dexter Tiah!!!

Congratulations! You win this for simply posting a comment in last week’s GGF! Hope you have fun with Xbox Live! I will be contacting you by e-mail for the delivery of your prize!

Those who didn’t win this time, don’t be disappointed. There will be more in the future, I’m sure!

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Ask Sheylara

Ask me any gaming-related questions! Post them in the comments or e-mail me, I don’t really care. I will try to answer all questions (unless I get like 500 questions a day).

Alex Tung asks a general question:

If I had to decide between Nintendo Wii and a PSP, which one should I get? I am not into cute games… not much of a Guitar Hero fan too… I like RPGs with fantasy/magic/dungeons & dragons themes and stuff. The last time i bought a console (PS2), it ended up rotting in my storeroom after a year. So… any sort of advice is appreciated.

Sheylara Says:

See, the thing is, if you really like RPGs, you wouldn’t have let your PS2 rot in the storeroom because the PS2 was, like, famous for its great library of RPGs (e.g. Final Fantasy). So I’m going to assume that the reason that happened was because you didn’t have time to play games.

If that’s the case, then the PSP will be a better choice because it’s portable. You can play on the go, while waiting in queues, while waiting for your girlfriend, or whenever. Well, of course, the PSP also has more RPGs than the Wii.

Wii has the monopoly on cute games. So if you’re not into cute games, your Wii will just rot in the storeroom together with your PS2, I think.

Wishbone asks a camwhore question:

For a person who isn’t that photogenic, how would you tell him/her how to pose for photos?

Sheylara Says:

Everyone has a good side. Just take tons of photos, try all kinds of angles and all kinds of smiles and expressions to find the best one! Yes, it may sound strange, but looking good in photos requires practice just like everything else.

If that’s not working, then wear makeup, or wear a mask.

Apoorv Khatreja asks a comparison question:

If you had to choose a favorite, which one would you choose – GTA IV or Super Mario (The classic version for SNES)?

Sheylara Says:

Definitely GTA IV. I’ve never been much of a Super Mario fan, although I do like some of the characters like the mushrooms and goomba.

But GTA beats everything else hands down, anyway!

junkie asks a Super Mario Bros question:

Did you play Super Mario Bros (the wildly popular one in the 90s), and if so, did you ever finish (I couldn’t because mum would yell at me to STOP PLAYING NOW before I even came close!)? If so, what happens at the end? I was convinced that this game was programmed to go on forever.

Sheylara Says:

Eh, what’s the fascination with Super Mario, you guys? The only Super Mario games I like are the party games! Hehe. Like the one on the Wii where it’s like a board game (Mario Party 8) and also the board game one on the DS.

I don’t generally like 2D side-scrolling games, and I find endless coin collecting very annoying.

What a shame your mum never let you finish it, though. You should have told her that she needs to let you rescue Princess Peach if she ever wants to have a daughter-in-law and cute grandchildren.

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Want a cool PS3 keychain?

This keychain is very cool!! I would keep it for myself if I’m not already using a Tiffany & Co keychain which I got for Christmas last year.

Anyhoo, here’s a picture of it!

Mouse not included! I only put the mouse in the background so you can have a size reference.

You can open up the keychain to reveal a secret compartment! Oooh!

It’s to store a Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo for your PSP! How cool is that?!

Aww, I’m almost sad to part with it!

But one lucky you is gonna get it! So…


Answer these questions:

  1. What content(s) do you like in Gamer Girl Friday?
  2. What content(s) don’t you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

Most useful/helpful/constructive/impressive answer wins!

Closing Date: July 3, 2008

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Fridays used to mean nothing to me since I don’t have a regular job and, like, every day was a weekend to me.

But now that I’ve suddenly gotten very busy with activities and freelance work, I’ve had to specially put aside weekends for friends and family and fun. Now I look forward to Fridays (and weekends) very much!

Hey, don’t forget to go to VivoCity tomorrow for the UEFA EURO 2008 PS3 tournament! It’s happening from 12 pm till 7 pm at the East Court. I will be there from 12 pm to about 3 pm! Come say hi to me if you spot me!

And, as always, have a great weekend! Love ya!

[Gamer Girl Friday]