Oozing with cream

I have a huge craving for pizza.

Ever since I ate at The Pizza Place more than a month ago, I’ve been wanting to go back there.

To think this outlet has been in Raffles City Shopping Centre forever but I’ve never tried it. I’ve walked past it a zillion times but I always choose someplace else to eat.

Well, the outside really looks quite unassuming and never attracted me to walk in.

The inside looks a bit more declicious.

But photos can be deceiving.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to finally try it because the Goonfather recently got to know the owner, who is part of his RX8 Club.

Gabriel entertained us with a show of dough spinning and flipping while making our pizza. He was really good at it!

We ordered a mixed pizza — half Chicken Royale and half The Carnivore.

OMG the Chicken Royale was really good. It’s what I’ve been craving the past weeks.

Chicken Royale ingredients: Creamy sauce, chicken, onions, green capsicum, pineapples, mozzarella, cheddar.

The creamy sauce just kills me.

The other half didn’t impress me too much because it has some bits of minced meat in it and I don’t really like minced meat.

The Carnivore ingredients: BBQ sauce, chicken, ground beef, beef bacon, turkey ham, beef pepperoni, prawns, squid, mozzarella.

But Ben (in green) liked it very much and, in fact, preferred it to the chicken.

Chef Gabriel took turns to have a picture with us.

Too bad he wasn’t wearing a chef’s uniform or he’d look like his logo!

The Pizza Place is at Raffles City Shopping Centre, The Raffles Marketplace, #B1-16.

And, no, this isn’t an advertorial. We didn’t even get free pizza lah.