My physical acting journal

Sometimes, I encounter incidents in my acting career which I can’t mention in public because it might offend people or get me into trouble and kill my career before it even starts. Haha.

So I bought this pretty notebook to write in.

I used to keep a physical diary during my emo days. Then I sort of outgrew that phase and the diary wasn’t needed anymore. Then, blogging came into fashion.

But I still love manual writing. I love collecting notebooks, especially stylish, pretty or bling ones, and I love writing in them.

Sometimes, I write rubbish just to fill up pages for fun.

Because I was so eager to write something in this sweet little notebook, I just sat down and started writing without knowing what I was going to write, and this bit of nonsense popped out.

Click to enlarge

Yeah, it’s quite irrelevant, but irrelevance is one of my 2,764 middle names. Rubbish is another one of them.

Now I have a physical acting journal to complement the digital one in my blog. Yayness.