Taking photos of yourself in the middle of nowhere

I’ve decided to delete most of my scary studio makeup photos.

Because they’re really scary.

But some actually turned out quite decent, so those I kept.

Sheylara with studio makeup

If you don’t frequently take photos of yourself, you probably can’t imagine how one could look totally different in different shots of the same batch.

I took these shots at an industrial area roadside while waiting for the Goonfather to turn up with his shining chariot to pick me up.

Sheylara with studio makeup

This was right after I stepped out of the studio for my Gadget3 cover shoot.

It was quite windy, so I got some wind-swept hair shots.

Sheylara with studio makeup

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking photos of myself in public like that. It’s like the ultimate in lunacy.

Sheylara with studio makeup

But I think the practice of taking photos of oneself in the middle of nowhere is now relatively accepted, even if not encouraged.

Sheylara with studio makeup

In any case, the road was quite deserted so there was no issue at all. Doh.

Here’s a photo of me with normal makeup, taken in the same week as the above shots, for comparison.

Sheylara with normal makeup

Okay, that’s all for today. I just received a new game today and I think I should play it so I can talk about it tomorrow!

It’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

OMG the movie is out too, isn’t it? I NEED TO WATCH!

How come no one give me free tickets for that movie? Haha.

Okay, sorry, talking about myself makes me bimbotic. I shall disappear now.


Photos from Nuffnang Christmas Party

I almost didn’t go for the Nuffnang Christmas party because I didn’t have time to get a costume.

The party was co-sponsored by vPOST and we had to go as characters or things beginning with the letters V, P, O, S or T.

Me and my friends were assigned the letter T.

Just a few hours before the party, Minou, myself and Unker Kell went costume hunting.

The Goonfather had class till 6 pm, so he was going to join us at the party. He said he’d go as a Tourist, so all he had to do was wear a big shirt. Which is what he usually wears, anyway.


So we decided to get him a prop camera. After getting our costumes at a costume shop, we went to Popular bookshop to get some supplies, then went home.

Unker Kell made this while I was getting dressed.


I decided to go as a Tooth Fairy, and Minou made this for me while Unker Kell was making the camera and I was getting dressed.


It’s a cardboard tooth which I tied to one of my necklaces.

Minou chose to be a Tiger because, she says, “I’ve always wanted to have a tail.”


I had to sit sideways in the car; my wings were in the way.

Unker Kell couldn’t find any suitable costumes, so he went home to dig out an outfit he had worn for another costume party. Haha.

He’s a Thug!

We ended up being two hours late for the party.

We didn’t do much there except take photos which, I feel, is the whole point of a costume party.

Here’s my photo with a famous old man.

His hands are pretty young, though.

Haha. The old man is Kenny Sia.

My friend, Timo, who went as Mr Paranoid:

He won one of the top three prizes for best costume.

The Goonfather came really late, almost missing the party, almost wasting Unker Kell’s effort of making him the camera.

I tried to make full use of it in his absence.

He did come, finally, like half an hour before the party ended.

But he got into the role of nerdy tourist very quickly.

Okay, I’ve run out of words, so here are just more photos.

Say cheese! =)

Bloggers have fun with HP TouchSmart PC (and camwhoring)

I’ve got another long, dizzy day ahead of me, so this is going to be a pictorial.

Yet another blogger party! Hosted by HP last night, we were given a sneak preview of the latest HP TouchSmart PC.

It’s a full touch screen PC. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Design and interface very sleek, reminiscent of the iPhone. Very fun to use. Will impress the chicks if you’re the sort who likes to bring ’em home.


Nic scrolling through photos with his hand.

HP product manager showing us how to reduce and enlarge windows.

Kinda like digital post-its.

This was fun! I wrote this note directly on the screen, which explains the lame handwriting. It was a weird angle to write lah!

You can also draw pictures. But I don’t know who would want to draw pictures on the screen with their fingers. I mean as a regular hobby. It’s okay if you’re doing it for the novelty.

The screen where all your notes get displayed. Can you see mine?

Nic’s right hand playing touch screen chess.

Me and Precious posing in front of the HP TouchSmart PC.

Michael and Peter filming a segment for The Geek Goddess Show.

Estee interviewed me about the “post-it” thingies! I hope Mic trims away all the bimbotic parts.

Oh no! I have no photos of Estee!

Free-flow food and alcohol at Brotzeit, VivoCity! Nic and Precious dig in.

Me, Nic and Precious.

Me and Nicole.

Our photo on the TouchSmart!

One of the HP reps decided to upload our photo onto the PC to demonstrate some of the photo features.

Dragging borders to crop a photo.

Crop size decided.


Later in the day, some smart person decided to make us a wallpaper.

We’ve been wallpapered.

The screen looks a bit dodgy because of the reflection of the lit glass cabinets facing the PC.

Peter gets wallpapered next!

This is a funny picture! It’s a photo of Peter posing beside the PC, which then got uploaded onto the same PC and set as wallpaper.

Someone thought it was funny to give him clocks for eyes.


We couldn’t stop laughing!!!!!!

Peter with normal eyes

So here’s Peter posing with the PC displaying a wallpaper of him posing with the same PC.


Having more fun moving Peter’s features around (not me!).

Desktop shortcut for eyes!!! LOLOLOL.

Me and nadnut together with our Pimp Daddy, Daryl.

Jerrick, DK, me and Daryl.

What a fun party!

These parties are killing me. Heh.

Not enough sleep. =(

Sorry if I haven’t replied your comments or e-mails. So busy I’m hyperventilating!

My hard disk died on me!

It never rains but pours!!!

Okay, it hasn’t really been “raining” or “pouring” all that much but I just felt like starting off with some melodrama.

Because one of my new 320GB SATA RAID hard disks JUST DIED ON ME.

It’s not brand-new new, but it’s only six months old so it shouldn’t even be coughing, much less dying!!

It happened when I was looking through my photos trying to decide what to blog about today. I suddenly got a BSoD and the comp rebooted itself.

When it was up and running again, I opened up Firefox and Windows Explorer (to resume looking at my photos) and then the darn thing BSoD’ed again, barely a minute after the reboot!!


I complained to the Goonfather. “My computer BSoD twice in a row!”

“What did you do?” he said, not looking up from his PSP.


“Hahahaha,” he said. “Your photos scared your computer so it shut down.”


(TMD is the abbreviation of a mild Chinese swear phrase that subtly makes mention of a random, anonymous person’s mother. It’s really mild because, in direct translation, it literally says, “His mother’s.”)

((See, my blog is really educational — you get to learn random bits of useless trivia. So, run along and telll all your friends to read my blog.))

(((There’s a restaurant in Singapore which is named that exact phrase, so it is now officially ineffective as a swear phrase.)))

Okay, digression over. Back to my confounded HDD.

The Goonfather, loving and supportive as ever, stopped playing his PSP and came over to investigate my computer.

“Your hard disk is making a funny noise,” he informed me.

“It’s been making this noise right from the start,” I said.

“Really??” He looked surprised and I waited for him to say “why didn’t you tell me before??” but he didn’t.

Still, I went ahead to to preempt his accusation. “I thought the noise was because it’s a new computer, new processor, new casing, lots of new fans.”

The noise isn’t really noisy, anyway, because you can only hear it if you’re sitting right next to the CPU. It’s just kind of weird.

Anyway, the Goonfather said we’ll have to take the hard disk back to the manufacturer.

I said, “What about my data???? I don’t want to end up like Edison Chen and have some gangster steal my photos!”

For the record, I don’t have any nude or lewd photos or anything of the sort, but, all the same, I don’t like the idea of a stranger poking through my files and looking through all my picnic photos, know what I mean?

Fortunately, the Goonfather has a solution for everything.

I have two other old hard disks in my computer because my PC is acting as a file server for the Goonfather’s laptop. So he helped me back up all my stuff into the old hard disks and am now reformatting the dead new disk.

Yay! My data and my photos are safe from strange prying eyes!!

I am now using his laptop to blog!

That means no photos! Because I don’t want to touch stuff in any of the hard disks right now. Plus the Goonfather has no Photoshop. How can anyone live without Photoshop?? It’s inconceivable!

My PC will probably take a few days to recover. In the meantime, I’ll be blogging on the Goonfather’s laptop, but I really hate it because it feels foreign and uncomfortable.

It’s kinda like sleeping on someone else’s bed in a foreign country. Like you get a sudden feeling to reach over and pat your little bunny plushie and you reach over but it’s not there because you’re not in your own bed in your own home.

If I don’t reply comments fast enough for you, well, come back again. Heheh. I’ll eventually get around to it. And things will be back to normal once my PC is up.

OMG I suddenly have a craving for Arnold’s Fried Chicken. Luckily, it’s almost dinner time.

Have a great long weekend!

I saw Kelly Chen at VivoCity

I was at Golden Village VivoCity last night, just sitting at the wall sofa with my friends while we waited for our movie.

Suddenly, Wang Wang said, “Isn’t that Kelly Chen?”

I turned and looked.

“Yup,” I said.

Wang Wang said, “She’s so tall! And her eyes are so big!”

“Yeah,” I had to agree. “She’s very very pretty in real life.”

We sat there and watched as Hong Kong celebrity Kelly Chen, surrounded by security guards and minders, walked past us.

The cinema was quite empty at the time, so she only collected a small mob by the time she reached the other end of the foyer.

I’m not into chasing celebrities and I’m not a Kelly Chen fan, either, so I just sat there at first. But then I suddenly remembered that I have unwittingly turned myself into a pseudo-journalist with this blog, and that I have a duty to my readers, some of whom might be Kelly Chen fans.

So I sprung out of my seat and raced after Kelly Chen and her entourage.

She had to stop for a bit because her 15 or so fans were demanding autographs. I don’t know where they got it from, but they had posters of her latest movie, An Empress and The Warriors.

It was almost impossible to take a photo of her because everyone was stuffing posters in her face.

One of her minders kept yelling out in a strict voice, “Put it lower, put it lower!”

After a while, they finally did lower the posters and I managed to get a couple pictures.

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

Haha… she looks like she’s getting strangled by her fans.

That was all I managed to photograph before her minders pulled her away from the mob into Cinema 1.

Okay, side story!

I have been likened to Kelly Chen several times in the past, at different periods of my life when I sported a certain hairstyle.

In fact, every time I change my hairstyle, someone will comment that I look like a different celebrity or famous person. It’s damn weird lah. As if my face is plastacine.

Anyway, I used to not like it when people told me I look like Kelly Chen. I didn’t think she was that pretty. I prefer other kinds of pretty, like sweetie-pie Vivian Hsu, with big round anime eyes.

[Vivan Hsu]

I know she used to be a porn actress but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I have to agree that I did look like Kelly Chen from some angles. But I know she’s much prettier than me, so don’t rub it in. Haha.

Here, I dug up a few photos. These were taken about four years ago when I had the Kelly Chen hairstyle.




Kelly Chen is mesmerising in real life. Maybe it’s that celebrity aura that most celebrities have. She sort of floated along like a goddess, standing a head taller than all the people guarding her, her face glowing.

She never smiled. Her expression was like you see in the photos the whole time.

It looks kinda cool, so I’m going to practise that.

Anyone wants to play at being my entourage and come and mob me some time so I can practise my goddess walk? Haha.