I think I got spurned… by a telemarketer

I just received this phone call.

Telemarketer: Good afternoon, can I speak to Miss Shen?
Qiaoyun: Speaking.
Telemarketer: Miss Shen, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve been specially selected to be a member of the new American Express Kris Flyer Gold Card.
Qiaoyun: I see.
Telemarketer: May i know if your yearly income is more than 40k?
Qiaoyun: No.
Telemarketer: Er… including bonuses and allowances?
Qiaoyun: No.
Telemarketer: *slight pause* Oh. In that case, we’ll let you know if we have other promotions in the future. Bye!


I haven’t even launched into my “I’m not interested” speech, so where does he get off being not interested in me first?

What the hell.

What happened to “specially selected”?

Telemarketers are getting more idiotic by the day. If you’re working as one, please quit before your soul gets eaten and your brain turns moronic from the demands of your job.