Journal – October 2-4

Journal - October 2-4




I’m grateful for my new cosy home clothes – fluffy bunny dressing gown and bunny booties and comfy PJs. Oh! Our Hungarian goose down 13.5-tog duvet arrived, too! Autumn just arrived but I’m all ready for winter!

Garden Guests

Pheasants have started to appear in the garden again! I’ve only started to realise that we get different visitors at different times of the year. It’s all very interesting! I should start making a chart!

Also, ladybirds have started coming into the house!


(2 Oct) I used to have peanut butter with jam or butter. Three months ago, I switched to a no-sugar peanut butter and quit the jam and butter. Since then, I’ve had plain peanut butter sandwiches a total of 26 times.

Today, after spreading peanut butter on one slice of bread, I couldn’t remember if I also do the other slice or leave it empty! I had made the decision 3 months ago after considering calories vs taste. And had stuck to it the last 26 times.

But why can’t I remember it now? It’s like my auto-pilot suddenly died and I don’t know how to fly the plane!

(4 Oct) Still can’t remember!


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