The anguish of Nanny Wen

Nanny Wen uses this prepaid mobile broadband card in Malaysia to Tweet and stuff on her Blackberry.

Nanny Wen

When she needs more data time, she has to buy a Reload at selected places such as Blue Cube (telco shop) and Petronas (petrol station).

As we were driving to Desaru yesterday, she realised that she had run out of Reloads. So, when Unker Kell accidentally made a wrong turn into a petrol station and was about to drive out, Nanny Wen woke up from her nap and said, “STOP STOP I NEED TO RELOAD!”


So Unker Kell backed the car a little and she hopped out.

Half a minute later, she came back dejectedly.

“They don’t have Reload here,” she sighed, “Can we stop by a Petronas later?”

The Goonfather made a narrow eye. “This IS Petronas.”

“WHAT??” cried Nanny Wen, “It is??”


“Why they don’t have Reload??!!”

“We’re at some ulu resort town lah,” said the Goonfather, “Who cares about mobile broadband here?”

You could literally see her face contort in some kind of grief-stricken terror.


By the way, she made Totoro lose one eye.


And was quite unrepentent, too!

She managed to get her Reload later in the day by calling a Malaysian friend for help. (Cos you don’t really need a physical thing, only a pin number.)

Anyway, I don’t have much time to blog today, so I’ll talk about our trip another day.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Many many complaints about our resort!