Thousands of sweaty women

I have been hearing guys talk about how they love sweaty women. There must be some weirdass synchronocity at work because, suddenly, all the guys I know are talking about liking the scent of women’s sweat and how sweaty is sexy.

So, in response to such greater, mysterious forces, I give you sweaty Sheylara and sweaty Wen.

Are we now suddenly more attractive in your eyes?


Men are weird.

To take this even further, me and Wen have signed up for a sweaty women’s event.

Cool or not??

Haha. Ok, it’s actually the Great Eastern Women 10K Race and I’m feeling very proud of myself for signing up for such a scary event.

Of course, I will be far from proud when I come in last at the race, but we still have more than three months to prepare so I can maybe train up enough to come in second last, instead.

I only ran 10km once in my life, when I was in secondary school. I clocked 72 minutes and that was like during the peak of my fitness level.

Last year’s top runner for the Women’s 10K clocked 38 minutes. WTF are these people even human??

Actually, I didn’t sign up for the race to attract guys lah. I signed up to force myself to run more often. Not wanting to embarrass myself coming in last is a great motivator.

Wen and I have been slacking recently, not running as often as we originally planned to. Partly because of my filming commitments and partly because she recently started her internship at Nuffnang, it’s harder for us now to plan our running schedule.

But now that we’ve signed our souls to the devil, we can’t slack anymore. I hope I can regain even my lousy 72-minute timing in three months’ time. Then at least I know I won’t come in last for the race. (Last year’s last placed runner clocked 127 minutes.)

So. If you guys come and cheer for us, you can feast your eyes on literally thousands of sweaty women. (There were 3629 participants last year.) Is that an appealing thought?

Haha. I’m joking. Don’t come. I don’t want anyone I know to see me crawl pathetically to the finish line. If I can even reach it.

I just hope they don’t try to sell me insurance.