I am a yo-yo on anti-gravity drugs

Why do I always get depressed for no reason? What makes me happy?

Full disclosure in this week’s Star Blog!

Well, okay, not really full disclosure. That would be an entire book. Since netizens have no patience to read whole books, I’ve settled for a long essay, instead.

(We’re told to name 10 items that make up our personal happiness index. You might have noticed by now that 10 is always the magic number in Star Blog posts.)

So, for the topic of “What’s your personal happiness index?” I’ve drawn this diagram which should clearly demonstrate to you what I had for breakfast this morning.

Personal Happiness Index

I was just joking, of course. I hope you didn’t really look too hard to find any breakfast items in the drawing. I had a Ho Kee rice dumpling if you really want to know.

What the diagram should clearly demonstrate to you is that I have no talent for drawing or making diagrams of any sort and that I shouldn’t quit my day job yet (to overuse a cliché which isn’t even relevant to me.)


Since I’ve already written an essay about this for Star Blog, I don’t want to write another.

Please click here to read it. NOW. Because you feel terribly compelled to click this for no apparent reason but that you just MUST. CLICK. IT.