Going to China to play with iPad

I’m so jumpy I can’t sit still.

Leaving for China in about 16 hours and making use of the remaining time to clear outstanding work and admin matters, prepare all my gadgets for the trip, pack and clean my room (I like coming home to a clean room).

I have five gadgets to charge. Two phones, iPad, laptop and camera.

Sheylara's gadgets

That should be enough to keep me entertained (and connected).

I may be away but I’ll still be “home” with my gadgets. I’m only sad I can’t bring my PC. It’s a lot more efficient to blog on my PC.

I have a list of “To do before flying”. But I keep flitting from task to task randomly. I can’t sit still.

You know what I’m most looking forward to for this trip? Lazing around in the hotel, watching Naruto and playing Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad.

Plants vs Zombies on iPad

I am freaking excited about it.

You probably think I’m nuts to fly all the way to China just to play on my iPad.

But I love lazing around in hotel beds because the sheets are so soft and the pillows are so big and fluffy. (I thought of buying hotel-quality sheets once, but then found they cost more than $1,000 for just the bedsheet and two pillow cases. T_T)

And, since you’re on a holiday, you don’t feel so guilty lazing around as opposed to lazing around at home on your not-so-soft-and-fluffy bedding.

We’re getting a nice big suite for three nights in Changping, Dongguan. At least that’s what the Goonfather said he booked.

Then another three nights in Zhuhai. Maybe not a suite because Zhuhai hotels are a little more expensive. But we’ll see, because we haven’t booked the Zhuhai one yet, lol.

I can’t wait to play Plants vs Zombies in China!!!

I just finished the adventure mode. Looking forward to checking out the mini games exclusive to the iPad version.

The iPad rocks!! The battery is so long-lasting it’s amazing.

The fingerprints are also amazing. I never knew I had such dirty fingers.

So, I bought these travel-size wet screen wipes for my iPad and iPhone 4 (which seems to attract more fingerprints than the iPhone 3). It’s like $22.90 for 20 pieces. So expensive. I think I got ripped off.

Screen wipes

(Update: I forgot that there’s also a micro-chamois polishing cloth and a micro-fiber polishing cloth inside the pack. So maybe it’s a reasonable price after all? I don’t know.)

Anyway, the main purpose of our coming trip is to eat peaches. It’s the peach season!

China peaches are unbelievably sweet and juicy. I’ve tried them in Singapore, so I want to try them there. Next year, I hope to visit Beijing because I hear the peaches are even better in Northen China.

Yum, peach! IT’S SO FLUFFY!!

China peaches
(Photo from here. Doesn’t it look amazing?)

I’ll also be visiting a few theme parks and doing a lot of eating all round. That’s about it. Won’t be doing too much shopping. Saving it for Korea next month!

I’ll still be blogging as usual. Nothing will really change, I think. I’ll still be doing the same things I do every day. Eat, sleep, get online, blog, have some fun. Haha.

My mind is a little flighty today. It’s always like that just before a trip. The stress of trying to finish everything on time combined with the excitement of going away shorts my internal wiring.

Ohmygosh I can watch Naruto on the plane on my iPad. I think I’m about to die of happiness.


I would like to be a professional anime watcher.

I think I shall go kick the Goonfather’s butt a bit and make him become a billionaire so I can be a tai-tai and stay home and watch anime all day long! :D

Hmm, but do tai-tais watch anime?

Anyway, no tai-tai-ness for now. We’re taking budget air. But Naruto and PvZ should be sufficient to distract me from the cramped and claustrophobic sitting arrangements.


Oh noes I can’t keep still. Okay I shall go clean my room now.