Bite-size Sheylara – Food!

Confused Vege

Here’s a vegetable with an identity crisis. It can’t decide whether to be a vegetable or a noodle.

Spaghetii squash

Called a spaghetii squash, it’s a squash with spaghetti-like innards. When you scrape the flesh with a fork, it falls into noodle-like strands. How awesome is that for noodle-craving people on a low-carb diet?

I had a chance to try it at a food tasting session at The Cathay Restaurant, recently.

Spaghetii squash
Double-Boiled Shark’s Bone Cartilage with Bamboo Pith in Spaghetti Squash.

The milky soup is created by double boiling shark cartilage so it’s really healthy and nutritious. The “spaghetti” is also fun to scrape and eat! Quite worth a try, in my opinion.

However, I found the soup slightly bland (cos I’m really big on salt) but Nanny Wen, who has healthier tastes than me, really loved it. The squash is nice, though. It tastes a bit like winter melon. You can practically eat this dish as a full meal. Nanny Wen and I were served one each but we couldn’t finish it because we had five other dishes to try that night!

If you get the chance to visit, also try the Cathay Twin Combination (baked sea perch with egg white + deep-fried scallop with salted egg yolk). I loved that!

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Choco Cravings

Once in a while, I get huge cravings for chocolate, during which time I will pay Candy Empire a visit.

I love-hate Candy Empire. Things there are expensive but there are cool yummies there which you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. Each time I go, I’ll spend about $50 and then feel really bad about it because it’s such unhealthy extravagance.


I just bought this lot for $45.20. But, like, where else can you find White TimTams and White Maltesers?

I love milk and white chocolate. I hate dark chocolate. I will never be able to understand the appeal of dark chocolate (and coffee, for the matter).

They both make my tongue feel sour and gross. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, so I really can’t understand why people don’t feel it!

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Tofu Delight

There’s this Chinese fusion restaurant in Iluma called HXL Fusion. I was at first in love with it so I patronised it four times within, like, a month.

I was going to do a full review of the place but the food standard dropped drastically in the last two times I went. The stuff I wanted to recommend didn’t taste so good anymore.

Still, the pork floss century egg tofu deserves a mention.

Pork floss tofu

The first two times I ate it, it was awesome. Savoury with a sweet, lingering taste.

The final time I ate it, the recipe had changed. It suddenly had chilli oil and possibly some fermented beancurd paste and it was quite spicy. It had gone from Taiwanese to Szechuanese. (The photo above was taken when it was still the first version.)

I prefer the first version but the new one isn’t too bad.

Still, I wonder if the recipe will be changed again the next time I go back.

I haven’t been back in two months.

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Insincere Soup

We were having dinner at Waraku de Pasta the other night. I remember I loved the corn soup, so I ordered a bowl. It was still awesome, so I urged my friends try it.

Corn soup

They loved it, too, so they ordered two more bowls.

When their soup arrived, it very obviously inferior — more watery and bland.

We can probably allow for some inconsistency in food standards across separate occasions, but in the same night? Within 10 minutes?

Very insincere!

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Top Five

Could you name your top five favourite eating places if pressed to? Food lovers will probably find it really hard because we have zillions of favourite eating places.

I had to name five for Star Blog this week.

Check out what places made my list, and also get some ideas for yummies this weekend in the other Star Bloggers’ entries!

Chocolate fondue

By the way, I don’t really like chocolate fondue cos chocolate fountains always use dark chocolate. Eew.

More than 50 flavours of pasta

The Japanese are really great at marketing, aren’t they?

Who can resist walking into a restaurant when tempted by this!

Japanese plastic food displays have been around since before I was born and they always look better than the real food being served, but I’m still suckered by them every time. Of course, it helps that, in general, Japanese food actually tastes good.

Anyway, although I always find myself drawn to yummy-looking silicon sushis and parfaits (I would just stand at the window and gawk endlessly), I’ve been successful at managing my temptations, only very ocassionally caving in and allowing myself to be lured into a restaurant.

But Pasta de Waraku is something else altogether. They have like a hundred plates of shiny, mouth-watering pastas on display. Pastas you’ve never seen before. Pastas you simply must eat.

OMG all these delicious-looking fake pasta!

This was something I just had to allow myself to be tempted by.

We started our meal with some refreshing beverage.

Grape Cassis (alcoholic) and Japanese Red Wine (which is light and sweet, unlike normal red wine).

And then an appetiser. (Not that we needed any help to whet our appetites. The silicon food displays outside provided all the help we needed.)

This is Tofu Tomato w/ Cheese (swimming in some kinda sweet-salty Japanese sauce).

It’s quite tasty, but I don’t like tomatoes, so this is not a must-order for me. But The Goonfather loved it.

Because there were simply too many flavours of pasta to choose from, I couldn’t make up my mind. So I ordered the Half & Half Set, which gives you two mini-sized pastas, soup, salad and a drink. Unfortunately, you can only choose from five different pasta flavours if you order this set.

I chose the Japanese Style Cod Roe and the Carbonara WARAKU Style.

The cod roe pasta tastes quite good, although I would really preferred to have flying fish roe (tobiko). It’s worth ordering if you fancy cod roe.

The Carbonara is very disappointing. The sauce is not creamy or salty enough and the bacon is quite bland. Crispy bacon bits would have been better. But the egg is great. Haha.

The Goonfather had the Salmon Roe w/ Wafu Sauce.

Judging from the expressions of ecstasy rolling over his face every time he bites down on a salmon roe, I would say he quite enjoyed it.

But his final verdict was: “I will come back to Waraku but I won’t order this again.” According to him, the salmon roe pasta is good but not quite good enough.

To be honest, the fake food display on the outside of the restaurant hyped the food too much, so that when we finally got down to eating, our expectations weren’t met to the max. We enjoyed our food but we didn’t get blown off like we subconsciously expected.

Or maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes.

But it was a good enough experience for us to want to go back there again, to try the other flavours.

You can check out the menu and outlet locations at the Waraku Singapore website. Go ahead, make yourself hungry.

In case you’re lazy to click there, Pasta de Waraku can be found at #02-82/83 The Central, and #03-257 Marina Square.

Happy eating, and if you discover a to-die-for dish, share here!