What happened to Christmas?

Christmas is kinda pathetic in Singapore.

It’s never like in the movies. Snow, cosy fireplace, heartwarming Christmas dinner with loved ones, all very sweet and touching. Spirit of Christmas and all that.

Christmas in Singapore is last-minute squeezing in the malls, traffic jam on Orchard Road because every dog and his grandmother wants to see Christmas lights (never see before ah?), and people ringing bells in your face because they think that will move you to donate to charity.

It’s all stress.

Christmas was something I looked forward to as a kid because my brother and I would find big heaps of presents at the foot of our beds when we woke up on Christmas morning. And there’d be a lot of hooha, which was kind of fun.

That tradition stopped when we grew up and outgrew all that Santa Claus nonsense. Now, Christmas is just another public holiday. Another chance to hang out with friends and do something no different from what we already do most weekends.

So, I don’t know. It feels weird getting excited over Christmas now because when Christmas finally comes, you find that there’s nothing there to justify all that excitement.

You go to a disco, you dance like you do every other weekend, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. That’s it.

Or you have a dinner party, you wine and dine like you do every so often, you count down, you wish everyone around you a merry Christmas. Maybe you exchange presents and find that you’ve received yet another photo frame. “Oooh just what I wanted, darling!”

That’s it. I don’t know why people make a big deal over that.

So, this year, I’m going away with my friends. Not too far, just a little bit up north because I don’t exactly have a travel budget.

I’m going on a short vacation not because it’s Christmas, but because this weekend happens to be a long weekend for working folks so it’s possible for my friends to get away.

So I’m leaving, like, now.

Which means I won’t be blogging the next three days or so.


Anyhow, despite what I’ve said, I do believe there are Singaporeans for whom Christmas is special and enchanting. To you, I say, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas.”

And peace forever more.

Aww… nothing to read for three days.