One of those days

I had just finished an audition and was walking out of the building, wondering if my car had gotten a parking ticket because I hadn’t used a parking coupon.

When I walked around the corner and saw my car, I also saw something else. A parking attendant was standing beside my car!


I did the 10m dash while shrieking, “Wait wait wait I’m leaving now!”

“Alamak,” she said. “Now then you come. I already gave you 10 minutes grace, you know?”

“Sorry! But I’m here now!”

“It’s too late.”


“I already printed your summon.”

“Oh no! Can you unprint it?”

“Cannot lah. If you come a bit earlier, I can still help you. But print already, you have to pay.”


Today is really not a good day.

Actually, I was half-expecting a parking ticket because I had parked my car there for an hour and 45 minutes without a coupon, so it’s not so much that I mind having a parking ticket.

But the shittiest thing in the world has to be knowing that you’re just two seconds too late in preventing something bad from happening.

The ticket was being printed out the very moment I dashed up to the car.


Why the hell do these things happen?

Of course, I could have saved all the trouble by just using a stupid coupon in the first place.

But I was in a bad mood because today’s not a good day because it’s one of those days when everything just goes wrong. And because of it being one of those days, I was late for my audition. So I didn’t want to be even more late by spending two minutes tearing out a coupon. Plus I thought the audition wouldn’t last that long.

So, I totally deserved that, but it’s still shitty. I wish the parking attendant had come earlier and just left her present and gone away. I wouldn’t have felt bad. I would have gone, “Oh great,” and laughed it off.

But it sucks to be handed a parking ticket personally.

Don’t these things only happen in the movies?


I’m going to drown my sorrows in WoW now.