Receiving a mystery package

I had a special delivery yesterday.

A mystery package!

I love mystery packages!

Reaching into the paper bag, I found a box.

“Oooh!” I said to the Goonfather. “I have a present from Nokia!”

“Wow!” he said. “They give you a new phone?”

“Yeah, right,” I rolled my eyes as I opened the box.

“Woo, I got a card!” I said.

When I removed the card and saw what else was in the box, I started laughing.

“OMG you were right! They gave me a phone!”

“Wow,” said the Goonfather, impressed.

Excitedly, I took my new phone out and hooked it up.

“You want to talk on the phone with me?” I asked the Goonfather.

“Okay,” he said.

I gave him one cup and made him go into the bathroom and close the door.

Outisde, I held the other cup and tried to pull the string taut.

I held it over my ear and listened.


Putting it over my mouth, I said, “Hello??”

I put it back to my ear and listened again.



I listened.

I heard something! A tinny vibration that sounded like, “Hello, zzzt zzzt hear me?”

“I think I’m getting something!” I spoke into the cup, and then put it over my ear again, wondering how we were supposed to know who was supposed to be talking and who was supposed to be listening at any given time.

I guess we could’ve adopted the walkie talkie method, but we didn’t get a chance to come to that. In my excitement, I yanked the string too hard and it came off my cup.

I went into the bathroom.

The Goonfather was sitting on the toilet bowl, speaking into his cup as I walked in.

“Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello…”

“My string came off,” I informed him.

He stared at me blankly for half a second, then put down his cup wordlessly. He grabbed his PSP and started playing.

“I’m going to fix the string. You want to play telephone with me again?”


Stupid Goonfather.

So, anyway, this is a very innovative invitation to a Nokia event to gawk at the latest phone offering.

I guess after using paper cup phones, anything else would look impressive.