I filmed a cute panda eating bamboo

I was going to blog about my Changlong Zoo trip. Lots of cute animals! Pandas, koalas, baby white tigers, baby elephants, obscene kangaroos!

Okay that last one is not cute, but it’s interesting.

Changlong welcomes you

Then I looked at my folder with 300+ photos and metaphorically fainted.

But since it was a metaphorical faint, I recovered with superhuman speed and proceeded to diligently go through all the photos to eliminate no-goods.

I managed to delete 100+ photos but that still leaves me with about 200.

Photo folder

It’s time for another metaphorical faint, perhaps a long one this time. I suddenly don’t feel like blogging about the zoo anymore.

It’s a good thing we arrived at the zoo late and had to hurry through everything before the 6.30pm closing time. Otherwise, I might have ended up with 600 photos.

I need to do this another day when I am more alive. Woke up prematurely this morning so am feeling half dead.

And hungry.

I’ll leave you with a video clip, instead. It only takes half an hour to upload and I can iPad game while it’s uploading. =D

(Don’t worry, I can feel the iPad obssesion slowly fading away… although I just downloaded like 10 more games in the last two days, lol. But I will get over it soon enough. )

Anyway, I took this video of a young panda eating bamboo leaves at the zoo. I love watching cute animals eat. It’s so cute! But I’m sad we didn’t get to see any baby pandas. Nothing in the world could be cuter than baby pandas, I think!

By the way, people have been asking me about my manga drawing course. Sorry, I stopped blogging about it because I skipped many weeks due to having events or being overseas on Saturdays. And also because our Japanese teacher quit after three lessons! LOL. Will blog about that soon.

Okay, here’s the video!