The angry blog

Haha. Someone just started a blog called “Owe Money Pay Money”, dedicated to the media industry in Singapore, where it’s common to hear complaints from freelance professionals that they never got paid for their work.

I myself have been a victim. Two years ago, I was shortchanged $400 for an acting project.

I never did get the money back because the producer (also a freelancer) disappeared.

Actually, he did reappear (through e-mail) but when I asked him about the money, he disappeared again.

After countless years of struggling, I’m really glad that I don’t have to depend on freelance projects to survive anymore, because it really sucks to be exploited. But my heart goes out to fellow professionals who continue to be shortchanged day after day.

Apart from allowing media professionals to rant and warn others against specific individuals or companies, I hope this blog manages to address and reduce the problem, eventually!

Well, okay, maybe the title of the blog is a little inelegant, but I find it funny. Haha.

And, I guess, it’s the cold, hard truth.

Click here for the blog.