My bags aren’t packed, I’m not ready to go

So, I’m leaving for KL first thing tomorrow morning to star in my first feature film and I’ve developed a humongous pimple on my forehead.

It’s probably stress that caused it, although it’s not stress over having to star in a feature film, but stress over having to finish up all my work and projects and tie up loose ends before stepping into beautiful Malaysia, Truly Asia, where I will have no access to my life-saving dual 19″ LCD monitors and 24/7 mobile broadband.

I will, instead, be hunched over, squinting at my mini laptop in the middle of the night (after filming), trying to fulfill all my blogging and e-mail quota for the day before I go blind and grow even more pimples.

Critics will no doubt have a field day praising me for my acting chops by calling me Shen Qiaoyun the Pimple Girl, whose show-stealing pimple deserves an Oscar for being so very realistic in its portrayal of a pimple.

I have one day left to get all my business in order but I still have 46,394 years worth of business to get in order.

So, to heck with everything. If something isn’t done, it’ll just have to wait till I’m back.

In the meantime, I will (unless my director abducts me to some ulu part of Malaysia where wireless Internet access will cost me about $36,000 per kilobyte because I’ll have to call home for the connection) still be updating this blog daily (weather permitting) with all the juicy details of my alien abduction (limbs permitting).

Thankfully, I will at least get to enjoy a couple of nights of civilisation. One of the hotels we’ll be staying in is Hotel Istana, a five-star hotel that features a cute girl performing a manicure in your bed.

We will kind of be driving around the country like nomads (but with a car), ending up in Penang for the last leg of our trip, and I don’t know yet what other hotels (or hovels) are in store for us.

Should be fun finding out, I suppose.