What do you get when you play TinkrRoulette?


I found something to do online that is fun and addictive!

Now, I keep hearing people complain about being bored and having nothing to do, so I’m going to share this website, which should be able to keep you people occupied for hours and hours.

And here it is…



You know how you while away your hours online with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online games? You can now add TinkrRoulette to your list.

The first time I tried it, I couldn’t stop playing it. It’s quite unique. Each time you click on the SPIN button, the site churns out four entertaining or funny videos for your viewing pleasure. (These videos are pulled from various video sharing sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe and Break.)

I think all you YouTube junkies might like it.

Usually, I don’t spend a lot of time sitting around watching random videos online because I’d rather be playing my games, but TinkrRoulette changed that habit.

Watching videos now seems fun, haha. I find myself eagerly anticipating the next surprise vids, hoping to discover really good ones that I can share with friends.

Not all the videos that appear are good, you see, so it makes it all the more exciting when you find a good one!

Well, okay, there’s also another thing that keeps me spinning: The lure of the jackpot!

Sometimes, you will see a TinkrBox logo in place of a video. If you manage to spin out 2-4 logos at the same time, you’ll win a prize! (Note: The 2-logo prize has been fully claimed for now.)


The top prize is an iPad!!

Yeah, I know I already have an iPad, but you can’t have too many, you know? (Cos the Goonfather keeps stealing mine.)

Anyway, just give it a try. You might get lucky, right? And, in the meantime, you might also discover some gems of videos! I did discover some good ones, which I’ll share at the end of this post.

For now, let’s take a quick look at TinkrBox, a web community where you can organise, bookmark and share your favourite online things. (TinkrBox is the company that created TinkrRoulette.)


I made a box of my four favourite things (below)! =P

What’s cool is that you can lump together items of different media like in this example:


I think this is very useful because our favourite items are always scattered about everywhere on the Internet, so TinkrBox can help us collate and organise them!

I’m thinking you might need to use TinkrBox after playing TinkrRoulette, because you will be finding great videos from different video-sharing websites which you would want to “store” and organise at one place.

And since TinkrBox is also a web community, you can see other people’s collections and “like” them. This is a great way to share all your favourite videos with friends rather than sending them a zillion links!

Now, back to TinkrRoulette. Go spin and win something and let me know if you do so we can all share your joy, okay? ;)

Alright, I’ll stop yabbering and share some vids now. Here are the cool ones I found on TinkrRoulette (although I didn’t find a prize, boohoo. I think you’ll be luckier than me).



Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

I watched this before and really enjoyed it, so I was happy when TinkrRoulette showed it!


Japanese String Movies

This performance is pretty awesome. I can’t really describe it; you have to watch it yourself. And see how many famous movies you can identify in there!


Worst Audition Ever

A Popstars audition. It’s rather hilarious, although might be painful to watch for some people.


Unusual Japanese Stage Act

Another unique Japanese stage show that I was quite amazed at. Comic lovers will especially appreciate this! You don’t need to know Japanese to enjoy this.



I saved the best for last! There’s this good-looking dude who combines music and video technology to create really outstanding, unique videos every week. (He’s very popular, has 1.3 million subscribers.) After watching this one, I spent the next hour or so watching all his other videos. His creativity and charisma are really amazing! Must watch, not just this one but all his vids!


Epic Edit Choir

Okay, this last last vid came out of watching the last one… cos it’s by the same dude above (he calls himself Mystery Guitar Man). I just had to include this because it’s too epic not to share!


Your turn! Go spin out some better videos than these and good luck at hitting the jackpot! =)

Play TinkrRoulette here.