Oktoberfest at Paulaner Brauhaus

I just got home from a full-day shoot and dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus, so this is going to be short and sweet. (Because I’m tired and tipsy.)

I drank one litre of beer.

Anyway, it’s Oktoberfest, so you must visit a German restaurant at least once during this month. It’s a sacred rule, you know?

There’s this special Oktoberfest brew they’re serving at Paulaner Brauhaus only for this week. It’s quite strong. Even the Goonfather, who is usually immune to alcohol, felt tipsy after one litre.

It’s quite expensive. $16.90 for half a litre. But pretty worth it because “it has kick”, according to the Goonfather.

Kell got drunk after only two-thirds of his half-litre.

See, here’s proof.

Kell decided that his mug of beer would look really handsome with sunglasses, so he decorated it.

Crazy bugger.

(The mug on the left is the Goonfather’s. That was already his second mug, while Kell was still struggling with his first.)

I had a great time. The place was quite happening and the Munich band there was really cool. They made me happy with their unique renditions of popular cover songs. And there were German lasses wandering around in milkmaid costumes.

The liver dumpling soup was sublime. And try the Nurnberger sausages. OMG yummy. Kell and the Goonfather fancied the Cheese Knackers more. I think because the word reminds them of a certain item of womanly delicates.

Sorry, no pictures because I was too tipsy to think about taking pictures.


I took this picture as proof that we almost got ripped off.

We got charged $27 for tips we never gave. And that’s on top of service charge and GST.

But the restaurant was nice enough to modify the bill after we alerted them to this discrepancy. At the same time, we were also told that there’s a 15% discount for Amex holders.

So they cancelled our first bill and charged our order to the Goonfather’s Amex card, instead. Our bill become $50 cheaper!


[Random camwhore pic]

Okay. Need to shower and sleep.

Happy Oktoberfest!