Nuffnang UK challenge update

Yes! My infograph was a huge success!

Seven people saw it and took pity on me! :D

They helped me take part in the first Nuffnang UK challenge by answering this question, “If was a film, which would it be and why?”


Lovely tweets from lovely people


Thank you so much! I love all your answers! :)

Honestly, I was expecting only one response. Maybe two, at the most, if I count Piers, lol. Because I’ve noticed that it’s really, really difficult to get people to response to any social media stuff these days cos there’s just too much activity going on everywhere. So I’m very grateful to you peeps!


Well, the second challenge is up!


2nd Nuffnang UK challenge


I wonder where they’re heading with these kinda questions! I feel embarrassed asking them!

But please tweet an answer, anyway!

Closing date is end of Thursday (midnight) GMT!

Thank you sooooooooooo much!


How can I ever repay you?


I’m sorry there is no infographic today. Haha. I’ve been busy working on my blog redesign and drawings!

So maybe I’ll only have one response for this, if I’m lucky.

Will I?

My interview on CNBC

I got a call last week from CNBC reporter Cris Prystay, wanting to interview me for a story on

It was nice. We spent about 20 minutes chatting about my blogging career.

I feel quite lucky that, so far, all my interviews have been quite positive. I mean, I haven’t gotten any reporters trying to wrangle nasty stories from me or purposely misquoting me just to make me look bad.

(Okay, except for that little thing in Maxim, but that was probably my fault for reading the question wrongly, and partly their fault for phrasing it badly. But it wasn’t like a deliberate sabotage.)

This CNBC interview was for a business story, anyway, so I wasn’t expecting anything nasty, although I didn’t know the angle of the story when we were chatting.

Turns out I’m a case study for a bigger story on how blogs are today a dominant influence in consumer markets. I feel quite amused. And somewhat flattered, I suppose.

Anyway, what the report didn’t mention is how thankful I am to have supportive readers who enjoy reading what I write. That’s what keeps me happy and inspired.


Click here to read the full report on

CNBC report


So, I just wanna take this opportunity to once again thank my readers for reading. You’re the reason for my existence!

And thanks for the mention, CNBC!

A new era of pinkness

First post on my new blog theme!

So far, the feedback on this garish pink spectacle is positive.

Well, I think the colour is garish, but at the same time it fits with all the elements very harmoniously and delightfully. So I’m really pleased with it.


Most of the credit goes to Lionel and his team of designers at RippleWerkz for doing such a grand job on my new theme and putting up with my fuss for perfection.

Some of the credit goes to Nuffnang for being part sponsor and for introducing me to Lionel.

(As a side note, a lot of credit goes to Nuffnang for helping take my blog to new heights and giving me the opportunity to make a decent living through blogging!)

And a tiny pea of credit goes to me for hounding Lionel every time he shows me a new draft, making him change this and code that to accommodate my crazy requirements.

Lionel was awesome and didn’t strangle me once!

Well, so it’s really more his credit than mine.


Finally, mountains of credit to you, my reader, for helping me make my blog a success by reading and commenting, thereby warranting a new blog theme to celebrate a new era of blogs and blogging!

This new theme will motivate me to blog more often so that I don’t disappear for a week again like I did last week.

In any case, I’ve added a new feature (top right) called Post-it Notes (for want of a better title).

It will allow me to make short little posts on the go, which I’ve always wanted to but could never on the old theme. I didn’t want little posts to push down the longer ones which take me hours to write.

I used to collate all my short posts and publish them five or six at a time as “Bite-Size Sheylara”. Remember?

Bite-Size Sheylara

Anyway, this all just means that there will be more content for you to read more frequently!

Awesomeness, yes? So go tell all your friends to come gawk at all this newness and awesomeness!

And happy new year again!

What you get at a flash mob for bloggers

Scanning newspapers is a pain!

I had to scan this in four separate pieces, straighten them one by one, then painstakingly splice them together.

The New Paper report
Click for readable view.

This is a report on the Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob by The New Paper (Monday, June 17, 2009).

Not a very flattering report, but that’s okay. I think they’ve chosen a rather flattering picture of me so I’m happy.

The photographer is really good. I didn’t even realise anyone was taking my photo while I was dancing!!

The New Paper report

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who followed me for this event. I hope you all had fun, even though the event didn’t pan out as expected.

There have been some criticisms, like how there’s nothing “flash mob” about it since it happened in too enclosed a space and there was a media circus waiting around with giant cameras.

I think critics shouldn’t be too harsh, though. It’s still an experience and the organisers put up an admirable effort to gather over 200 bloggers together to do something silly.

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

Certain circumstances were unforseen, such as the construction works around the chosen area and the swarm of enthusiasts from some photography club.

Some segments could have been done better, like maybe the pillow-fighting actors shouldn’t have been around to pose for photographs before the flash mob started.

But every event has hiccups and people learn from it and do better next time.

And I’m sure there were people who had fun and I think that’s the most important thing!

Here’s a video of the event made by cute, talented Jayden.

Now, I had asked you guys to vote for my outfit for the event. I got a roughly equal number of “cute” vs “sexy” votes, so I decided to go for a combination of both! =P


Actually, it was the only decent thing I could find that could easily be worn under normal street clothing.

This is what I wore over it:

Sheylara and friends

These two handsome dudes, William and Shaun, are my followers. I took the photo from their blogs! ;)

My wonderful, ever-supportive friends:

Sheylara and friends

Minou and I were holding on tightly to Morte because he kept trying to escape. The photo was taken by Wang Wang while we were waiting to strip.

The Goonfather was hiding in cafe at this time.


Stripping time:

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

You can see two gawkers to the far side, lol.

Anyway, we performed our silent dance, which wasn’t silent at all because everyone was cheering and yelling. And then before we knew it, it was over.

We were told to walk off but nobody wanted to walk off. Everyone was too busy posing for photographs.


Well, that’s what you get when you organise a flash mob for bloggers.

It gives new meaning to the “flash” in flash mob.

Perhaps a new trend of flash mob will arise from this, eh?

Nuffnang Blogger Flash Mob

Sheylara invites you to wear pyjamas with her


What kind of pyjamas would you like to see me in?


Sheylara in pyjamas


Sheylara in pyjamas

Faux sexy?

Sheylara in pyjamas



Hmm… well, real sexy cannot lah. I can’t carry it off. Hahaha.

Anyway, I am going shopping for a new set of pyjamas and you will get the chance to see me wear it UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

So, I’m letting you have a say what kind of pyjamas I should buy!

Comments, comments! =)

Sheylara in pyjamas

Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned the party!

Well, it’s not really a party. It’s a Pyjamas Flash Mob at Orchard Road on June 13!!!!

I am earnestly inviting you, all of you reading this now, to come and make history with me!

Follow me!

Follow Sheylara

Why you should come:

  • Be part of a significant moment in Singapore history!
  • We can all look good together in just PYJAMAS at Orchard Road!
  • Meet famous and pretty Singapore bloggers in their pyjamas!
  • Party in your pyjamas in the middle of Orchard road!
  • Goodie bags!!!
  • Professional photographers and videographers will be there to record the event!
  • Fun blogger gathering!
  • Win Golden Village Gold Class tickets!

What’s a Flash Mob?

(In case you don’t know.) It’s a large group of people appearing at a public place to perform an unusual action, in unison, for a short time. It’s fun to watch the reaction of innocent bystanders!

Here’s one of the most famous flash mobs in the world, involving 200 people suddenly freezing in place at the crowded Grand Central Station in New York.

I never get tired of watching it!

For our event, we’re going to appear at Orchard Road to do a silent little dance. In our pyjamas!

It will be so fun.

Will you follow me?

Sheylara in pajamas

Heehee! <3

Mushroom says, “Woof!”

I’m in competition with four other bloggers to rally the most followers, so please go to this page, find my photo and follow me!

Bloggers Flash Mob

If you love my blog, now is the time to show me!

Follow Sheylara

Follow me to the event and receive the following:

  • A Nuffnang goodie bag
  • A surprise tour with celebrity bloggers
  • An even bigger SURPRISE that will be revealed at the Flash Mob itself

All following attendees will stand a chance to win one of three pairs of Golden Village Gold Class tickets!

By the way, remember the “Do Singaporeans dress badly” blog I wrote for the Nuffnang blogging contest?

This flash mob event and the contest are both precursors to something even more exciting. Aren’t you all excited now?

So, please follow me and find out what all this is leading up to… and have tons of fun along the way!

The flash mob event will take place on June 13, 2009, 5 pm to 7 pm.


And help me win this competition, okay? =) Get all your friends and family members to join in!! I’ll see you at the party!

Follow Sheylara