Elizabeth Wong scandal: What’s the big deal with nudity?

The trouble with humanity is that it’s clueless.

Each time a slightly titillating incident occurs, everyone pounces on it as if it were the last popcorn in the bucket. They gawk and gape and savour the very lastness of it, refusing to let go until it’s made sodden and unrecognizable by the drool of every spectator in the seat.

What’s up with the Elizabeth Wong saga? It’s just a bunch of photographs of a woman sleeping, albeit in compromising positions and states of undress. Who hasn’t seen a sight like that before? The Internet is full of women volunteering such photographs. Go gawk at women who want to be gawked at and leave the unwilling alone.

Elizabeth Wong, the Malaysian politician who’s had the misfortune of having her nude photographs maliciously engineered and unethically distributed, is a human being, not a piece of popcorn. Why can’t people have the decency to allow her the privacy and dignity that every human deserves?

If your nude photos or videos were to be circulated around the world against your will, would you want people to treat you like a freak show exhibit?

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