The Goonfather, my hero!


I am going to nominate the Goonfather for an award.

It’s the POSB Everyday Champions Award 2009, organised by POSB in conjunction with Singapore Sports Council, to reward individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to promote participation in sports.

Some time back, the Goonfather enthusiastically encouraged me to pick up combat sports by way of occasionally punching me in the middle of night while we sleep, prompting me to seek immediate training in self-defence.

When I confronted him about the unwarranted assaults, he claimed innocence, citing that he was whacking stormtroopers in his dream (sometimes, it was the bog monster or the marshmallow man) and it was just unfortunate that I happened to be in the line of fire.

Well done.

I am now trained in Ninja-do, wushu and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (although Justyn, my Bujinkan instructor, will claim that I’m a useless student who dropped out after two classes).

((In my own defence, he’s a slave driver.))

So, these days, I am totally and competitively fit, thanks to the Goonfather. I punch him back in the middle of the night when he snores.

Okay, seriously.

The above story is only about 75% true.

But the POSB Everyday Champioins Award 2009 is 100% true.

POSB and Singapore Sports Council are now seeking nominations for the award.

If you know people who have unwaveringly encouraged and supported you in your pursuit of sports and a healthy lifestyle, who have gone far beyond the call of duty and sacrificed time and energy towards this endeavour…

…please secretly e-mail their contact details to me so that I can nominate them and win the nominator’s prize.

No lah. I’m not that free. Haha.

Please nominate those people yourself.

You can nominate any individual (your friend, teacher, grandmother, two-year-old niece, really, whomever!!) as long as they are true sporting heroes who have supported you to such an extent that you want to name your first-born after them (if you haven’t already).

You can also nominate coaches and organisations.

There are three separate award categories, so go ahead and find someone to nominate for each of the categories! Winners of the award will receive cash prizes, trophies and certificates!

Nominators whose nominees win will also win cash.

You have until Nov 16, 2008 to nominate!!

Go to the POSB Everyday Champions Award 2009 website now to download a nomination form or three!

And remember to eat your greens and exercise daily if you want to beat the Goonfather in a wrestling match.

Okay that was totally random.

Thank you for reading!

Sheylara is in your face

I have a zillion people to thank!!

Okay, not exactly. I wish I had a zillion people to thank, but I don’t quite have that many friends.

But you know what they say: A handful of really good friends is worth a zillion friends in Facebook, most of whom you don’t even know but just keep adding because you want to look popular.

Alright, they didn’t say that. I made that up just now.

Here’s a list of friends who have plugged me in their blogs in support of my nomination for the S’pore Blog Awards.

Cowboy Caleb
ice angel
Simply Jean
Steven Yong
Miss Loi
Uncle Sha
Nicholas Aaron Khoo
Agnes Tan
Princess Sabrina

HEART YOU GUYS!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you for spreading the word around the blogosphere and for scaring all your readers with my giant mugshot and its pukingly-cute pinky heartsy watermark!

Picture scaled down from giant size to reduce scare factor.

Will add to the list as more friends show their support in their blogs!

YAY for friends!!

YAY extends also to friends who never plug me in their blogs because they don’t have blogs to begin with but are showing their support through voting!

Well, YAY for everyone lah!

If you’re reading my blog, YAY for you because a blog needs to be read like movies need to be watched, like art needs to be admired, like music needs to be heard, like Sheylara needs a laptop!

Well, I do need a laptop (for blogging effectively on the go)!

So, even if you’re reading my blog because you hate me, I love you!

How weird is that?!

In the meantime, HAVE YOU VOTED TODAY? =D

My blog got nominated in! Whee!

Hey, cool. I just realised my blog has been nominated for Most Entertaining Blog in the 1st Anniversary Blog Awards.

Most Entertaining Blog

Haha. Thanks, whoever nominated me.

Well, I’m not going to ask people to vote for me because my last experiment was a raging failure. I asked my supposedly hundreds of blog readers to kindly vote for me to bump me to the first page of ranking. But, to date, I have 13 votes. Yippee.

I understand it’s a pain having to register at the website in order to vote, so I’m not really complaining. It’s fine. But I sincerely thank all 13 of you who voted for me. I know who you are! ;)

Anyway, back to

I got to know about when I attended BlogOut 2007. It’s a nice site with a friendly growing community. I don’t really hang out there since I don’t really know them, but it’s great receiving a nomination, anyway.

Only members can vote, so, yes, you have to register in order to vote for me. So, don’t vote if you hate registering. Vote if you really find my blog entertaining and feel compelled to +1 me.

Click here to vote if you feel like it. Mine is the 4th blog in the Most Entertaining category.

Whether you vote or not is not important. What’s important is that I appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog because I like writing stuff for people.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! =)