Sheylara and the Nokia X6: A photo shoot


I have prepared a feast for your eyes. Behold, a ton of awesome photos of me!

Okay, actually, it’s not about me. It’s about the latest baby from Nokia. So, behold, the hip and happening Nokia X6!

Nokia X6

Of course, I’m not showing you just pictures of the camera. How boring would that be? I have put myself in the photos as well, just to be the ornament, you know.

A thing of beauty like the Nokia X6 requires some decoration around the edges, does it not?

So (once again), behold and feast your eyes on the ultra trendy Nokia X6 presented by ornamental Sheylara!

Sheylara and Nokia X6

I know you want to touch the X6, I know you do.

A thing of beauty, sleek and pretty, the X6 wants you too!

Sheylara and Nokia X6

More space, more space, we always need more space!

“Yes!” says the X6, “I GIVE YOU PLENTY!”

Sheylara and Nokia X6

Nokia X6 Comes With Music! Really! You can download them all free!


Listen to music anywhere, everywhere!

Just remember to pay attention to your surroundings too. In case a handsome hunk or gorgeous babe winks at you from a distance.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

“Gaaaaaaaaaames! Yessssssss, gaaaaaaaaaaames,” says Sheylara.

Last we heard, Sheylara has been gaming too much so she’s gone a bit off her rocker.

Just a bit, though.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

We think we could persuade Sheylara to get off her games for a bit by enticing her with videos.

She’s quite impressionable and excitable so it might work.

You won’t know if you don’t try.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

You like photos, yes?

We like photos, too!

The X6 says, “I take nice photos of you!”

Sheylara and Nokia X6




Sheylara and Nokia X6

You know what’s the meaning of life?

The answer is games and applications. Lots and lots of them!

Because the answer “42” is quite passé already, you know.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

While we’re on the subject of questions and answers, this little baby is the answer to all our entertainment and social needs.

Because we like to stay connected to everything fun and friendly. And trendy. And happening. And cool. And hip. And awesome. And fabulous.

You get the picture.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

Music videos are quite fun to make.

Of course, they are also very hard work.

I think the X6 can help me make it fast and fun.

Sheylara and Nokia X6

What’s your favourite blog?

“!!!” roars the crowd with love and enthusiasm.

Awwww, so sweet lah you all.

Gib you a kiss! Mwaks!

Sheylara and Nokia X6

Thank you very much, Nokia X6.

You have been a joy to work with.

Also, thank you, Mr Justyn Olby, for taking these awesome photos. The Nokia X6 loves you! Sheylara also.

Say cheese!

Let’s lead vibrant and exciting lives now, shall we?