Blogging from my DS Lite

I’m now at Holland Village blogging from my Nintendo DS Lite. You just gotta love Nintendo DS Opera Browser!

But Wireless@SG is rather dodgy. The first time I tried to blog on my DS Lite was at East Coast Park. I managed to tap into Wireless@SG easily, but the connection died on me after I typed two paragraphs. I couldn’t reconnect after that and lost my two paragraphs forever.

Hey, two paragraphs is no laughing matter when you’re poking at a tiny digital Qwerty with a tiny stylus. You try it and tell me you don’t develop newfound respect for my two paragraphs.

I know I can always bring my new laptop, which would make mobile blogging so much easier. But it’s like a zillion kilograms heavier than my DS Lite.

I had a rehearsal in the morning and a post-production audio recording session in the afternoon. And, right now, I’m at the t-shirt launch party. It would have been too exhausting to lug around that monstrous weight all day. I wish I had gotten an Eee PC instead, but it wasn’t available when we bought that Asus.

Anyway, gotta get back to the party before I get accused of being anti-social. Actually, they’re holding the lucky draw now. And my right hand is cramping up from stylus poking, lol.

OMG I won a lucky draw prize can you believe it? It’s a VIP card for Essential Brew, which is hosting this event. Seriously weird!

Anyway, thanks and Essential Brew!